3 Circumstances That Make it Hard to Locate a Person

Unquestionably, the digital age has made it easier to locate a person. Our love of social media, the internet's habit of tracking our every keystroke and improved global communications have all made it a little tougher to slip off the radar. Tougher, but not impossible. Even in the wired-up 21st century, people can be elusive, intentionally or by accident. In these circumstances you need the knowledge and experience of a top Private Investigator to explore every avenue of a missing person search. Whether you are trying to locate a biological parent, or find a long lost friend or lover, when the internet fails your best bet is to hire a private investigator.

Three daunting obstacles a Los Angeles Private Investigator can handle

Time, distance and the law put up the toughest barriers to any investigation. These are not insurmountable, but in some circumstances they will will require the experience, instincts and contact networks of the finest Los Angeles Private Investigator to overcome.

  • The passage of time is an obvious potential hindrance to an investigation. Looking to track down that high-school sweetheart 20 years later? By now she may have moved out of the country, changed her maiden name at least once, even changed her first name. If she isn't the type for nostalgic reunions or Facebook catch-ups, reeling in all those lost years might not be as straightforward as you would hope.
  • Distance can be a another daunting problem. If the person is a foreign national or has left the country, their records may be sparse or difficult to access. Language barriers and the different methods used overseas for electoral registration or residency records can make it more problematic to locate a person, especially if they have a minimal online presence on social media or in employer records.
  • Legal obstacles can be the toughest of all. Sometimes a person does not want to be traced and has made arrangements accordingly, to protect their identity or to disguise it. In these circumstances it can take all the ingenuity and resources of an experienced PI to obtain the information you are seeking. It may require a national criminal background check in order to suss out there current or former whereabouts.

Need to Locate a Person? Hiring a private detective is an expert solution

Linked Investigations has more than 30 years of experience of tracing missing persons. The methods they use to locate a person have developed over those years with advances in technology and they have all the investigative skills and knowhow to give you the best possible chance of that reunion. A free consultation is the starting point for a professional and affordable investigation. Contact us today so we can get started. 877-464-5374

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July 1, 2013
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