3 Common Child Custody Violations You Can Prove in Court

Court order violations are no joke. Judges aren't happy when their legal decisions, or the decisions made by their colleagues, aren't respected. If your ex has been violating child custody orders, it's important that you have legitimate, documentable and/or reportable proof that will stand up in court. Contact Costa Mesa private investigator services, Linked Investigations.

Going back to renegotiate the terms of your child custody agreement is expensive, so make sure you have the evidence you need before you speak with your lawyer. Also, remember that "he said/she said" nonsense does not impress the judges. We always advise our clients to remain as calm and professional as possible when in the midst of divorce or child custody proceedings. This is the best means of making a positive impression in the court room, and improving your chances that the judge will see your side of things.

A Child Custody Investigator Can Help Prove Child custody Violations in Court

First, let's go over what constitutes a child custody violation that is worthy of going back to court about. While it can be incredibly frustrating when your children's other parent is consistently late for pick-ups and drop-offs, that is not enough to sway the courts. Even hearing that he or she bad-mouths you in front of the kids might not be enough. However, months or years of neglect carry weight, as do any situations that threaten the well-being of a child.

Here are three examples of child custody violations that can be proved in court, which can help to change the specifics of your current court orders.

  1. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. As child custody investigators, we often use surveillance services to prove that a custodial parent is partying, abusing alcohol, or having over-night guests when the custody orders explicitly say they can't. Present a judge with photo evidence of these escapades and there is no denying it in court. Courts are strict about child endangerment and unfit parent situations.
  2. Not honoring your first right of refusal. In many child custody cases, parents set up a specific visitation schedule. They may also include a section that says when one parent is busy during his/her visitation time, he/she has to offer that time back to the other parent first, before enlisting someone else, like a babysitter, nanny, or family member, to watch the child. We see violations like this all the time. The parent picks up the child for the weekend, and then disappears back to the office, out with their new significant other, or to play with friends, leaving their kids with someone else. This is another situation where surveillance services can be used to provide video and photo evidence to the courts. We will also include a professional report.
  3. Lying about employment or income. Another common child custody violation is being dishonest about one's assets, work history, or current income to avoid paying obligatory child support or to keep those payments minimal. We can use asset searches to help increase child support payments. Lying about employment is yet another arena where surveillance services come in handy. We can follow your ex's activities to show he or she is going to work every day, or is spending money they claim they don't have, which can also help out with child custody enforcement.

Are you having issues with your ex-spouse or your children's other parent? A child custody investigator can be your greatest ally in uncovering the evidence you need, providing professionally documented evidence and reports, and providing testimony in the court room if necessary.

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October 1, 2013
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