3 Reasons To Run A National Criminal Background Check

A National Criminal Background Check-Background Check is an important tool for anyone hiring individuals who will have access to loved ones, private information, or private information belonging to others.

A criminal background check is worth the investment.  Finding out the truth about someone now, can save your a great deal in the long run. If you currently use a criminal background check as a part of pre-employment screening, you are already aware how costly the hiring and firing process can be.

If you want to check someone's criminal records because they are going to have access to your home, place of business, or hands-on interaction with someone you love, the money you spend now can save heartbreak down the road.

3 Reasons To Run A National Criminal Background Check

1.  You are hiring a caretaker for an aging relative.

Unfortunately the elderly are very susceptible to financial elder abuse, as well as physical elder abuse. The statistics are staggering. In a National Elder Abuse Incidence Study, The Senate Special Committee on Aging suspects that as many as 5 million elders are abused each year.  Before you allow someone to take care of an elder you love, make sure that you have run a professional background investigation.

Even if the person has a good reference history, or is a member of your loved one's church, you should take the same precautions as you would with a stranger.  Abusers are very savvy at getting their victims, and victims' families, to trust them.  When they see a person is serious about verifying their application facts and running a background check, they may suddenly lose interest in the job. A complete background check now can prevent elder abuse down the road.

2.  You are hiring a nanny or childcare provider.

We recommend that all of our clients run criminal background checks on anyone who will be around their children without the parents' supervision.  That includes coaches, day care providers, baby sitters, etc.  Not to exploit a current hot topic, but the Sandusky trial is a national example of the vulnerability of our children to those who have positions of power over them. We do not advocate fear tactics, however children are precious and many times, by the time a victim demonstrates signs of abuse, a significant amount of emotional trauma has been done. A complete background check is inexpensive compared to the risk you take otherwise.

3.  You are hiring a professional cleaning service for your home or business.

A national criminal background check is a good idea for anyone who will have access to your private and sensitive information, or if your business deals with others' private information.  In the former case, you want to make sure that individuals are honest regarding their application information, as well as the criminal records they disclose.  In the latter, you can be sued if you cannot prove you took proper precautions before allowing the cleaning service's employee(s) access to other individuals' sensitive data.  A complete background check, including a thorough criminal background check, will protect you in the long run.

People who prey on the vulnerability of others, and/or abuse their power in regards to information access, often hit the road frequently to avoid being caught.  This is why a national criminal background check is so important.  Who knows which state they abused last? You will be forewarned of suspicious activity linked to the individual and/or their known aliases.

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June 1, 2012
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