3 Ways Corporate Investigative Services Can Save Your Business

Small businesses have it rough these days.  I should know - I own one!  ThinkBigMagazine.com posted this article, "Five Challenges Every Small Business Owner Faces",  and I was not surprised to see that "staffing" was the #1 item on the list.  In addition to having a hard time finding qualified and talented employees, small businesses can have a difficult time preventing employee turnover, which is a huge business expense. Or what about a small business that winds up hiring a dishonest employee?

Embezzling, disappearing product(s), abuse of company expense accounts, and/or distribution infringement can cause the financial ruin of a small business.  Many of the problems that plague small business owners can be eliminated if they would hire a private investigator ahead of time.

3 Ways Corporate Investigative Services Can Save Your Business

1. Professional Pre-employment Screening.

The U.S. Small Business Administration highly recommends that employers shell out necessary funds and perform pre-employment screening for future employees. But there are certain areas that are legally off-limits. If an employee finds out you have committed a privacy violation, they can sue you before you have even hired them!  A licensed private investigator can quickly and thoroughly screen potential employees, verify the accuracy of applications, and perform legal screening processes that may be important to your businesses future. A private detective can verify employment history, run a complete background check, or verify personal and/or educational references.

These are time consuming processes, and you have a business to run.  Don't let your busy schedule prevent you from doing the due diligence necessary to hire fantastic employees.  It's the best investment you can make.  A happy healthy employee family is key to running a successful business.

2.  Professional Surveillance Services

Surveillance services can be used to handle a variety of situations that plague small business owners.  Do you feel the company's expense account was abused on a recent business trip?  Are you worried that inventory is disappearing out the back door? Is an employee moonlighting with a competitor and selling trade secrets? When an employee sells trade secrets, it can cost a small business big bucks.

Family owned Fraiche Bakery Cafe, in Evanston, Illinois, is now spending thousands of dollars in court trying to protect trade secrets, and prevent their recipes from being used by a rogue chef.  It's that kind of situation that can drive a small business into the ground. Professional surveillance services can put an end to your worries, and put valuable money back into your business account. Should you end up in court, professional evidence collected by a licensed surveillance investigator can be the difference between winning and losing.

3. A Licensed Private Investigator Can Help Perform Exit Interviews

In the sad situation where an employee has to be terminated, or laid-off,  it's important that small business owners conduct a thorough exit interview. A Chron.com article, "The Importance of Exit Interview Questions.", stresses the importance of the exit interview and how it serves as a tool for the employer - both as education for future employee retention and as legal protection.  A bitter employee often retaliates with a law suit. And the law is almost always on the side of the employee. If the employer doesn't have a thorough paperwork trail of events and evidence, they will usually lose the case.

A licensed private investigator can advise you, help procure the evidence you need, and can conduct the exit-interview(s), thereby serving as a third-party witness.  A professional private detective can obtain sworn affidavits and testify in court if necessary.

We all have a vested interest in maintaining our Main Streets.  Some smart business practices now, can prevent our own Main Streets from becoming proverbial ghost towns.

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April 1, 2012
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