3 Ways Corporate Private Investigators Can Help You Do Business

Growing businesses usually need a little guidance along the way. Consultancy is a thriving industry, offering advice on growth and maximizing profits. The astute businessperson also appreciates the importance of defending the integrity of a company, maintaining workplace morale and efficiency and closing off any potential for damage from within. In this area, corporate private investigators can prove as influential as any consultant, or more so.

Corporate investigations can focus on three key aspects of a business operation's employment practices: screening employees, surveillance of the workplace to identify problems and dealing with miscreants once they have been identified.

Pre-employment Screening: Find Employees with the right stuff

For any small business that has grown quickly, employing outsiders in positions of trust and high responsibility can be daunting. The resume might be highly impressive, but, before offering a position, it makes sense to delve a little more deeply. A  corporate investigation screening will offer a comprehensive background check on a prospective employee, flagging up problem areas like previous convictions, a poor attendance record, criminal associates, anything that may affect their suitability for the job. The best-case scenario is that a check offers employers reassurance that they have recruited an honest candidate.

Locate and Remove Employees with the Wrong Stuff using Corporate Private Investigators

Human nature being susceptible to temptation, scams, short-cuts and outright criminality can bedevil the best-run business. It's not always easy for management to spot the signs, but outsiders, with the experience and surveillance techniques of a corporate private investigator, can usually uncover evidence of wrong-doing. This can include bullying, sexual harassment, feigning workplace injuries or organized criminal activities involving theft of inventory or client data. Surveillance can identify the culprits and build up a body of evidence that can be used in subsequent dismissals or legal action.

Use a Corporate Private Investigator to Plan Employee Exit Strategies

A corporate private investigator can interview a broad range of employees to build up a picture of what is going on at shop-floor level. The evidence compiled is presented to the employer alongside advice on how to handle the issue. In some cases it is inevitable that the police will be involved. In less clear-cut situations, an investigator can offer suggestions on dealing with an employee in a manner that will result in the least cost and damage to the company.

We can also conduct detailed exit interviews, and provide documented evidence, signed by an employee under penalty of perjury. We can advise you as to the best exit strategies for the employee, and can assist you through the exit interview process, escorting them from the building and working with back up law enforcement officials if necessary.

Experienced operator

Linked Investigations has over 30 years of experience in corporate investigations. A free consultation will outline many more than three ways in which they can help you do business. Please contact our office for a free consultation. We can listen to your concerns and assist you in putting together the best investigative services to provide solutions. Together, we can get your business back on its feet, improving employee morale, and turning an increased profit.

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September 1, 2013
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