Accurate Asset Search: More Reasons to Get One Before a California Divorce

So you?ve just made the very difficult decision to divorce your spouse. It's probably been a long and treacherous road to get to this point, but now that you know what you have to do, we suggest one simple action before you do anything else: get accurate asset search results from a licensed private investigator.

An Asset Search Can Protect Your Interests in Your California Divorce

An asset search can uncover a more accurate picture of you and your spouse's financial situation, whether there are any hidden assets, credit card accounts, real estate deeds, or potential bank accounts you may not be aware of. As you probably already know, one of the biggest challenges for divorcing couples is determining equitable distribution of wealth (or lack thereof).

Through an asset search, you can discover whether your spouse has ever transferred cash to family members or friends in order to get rid of funds that would have been subject to equitable distribution.

Don't Trust Your Spouse's Word Regarding Your Marital Assets

Accurate asset searches are particularly important if your spouse is the one who has handled the finances. Often, we determine that financial infidelity has been taking place for a long time because the spouse that controls the finances has kept secret stashes of money, property, retirement accounts, or other assets unbeknownst to their spouse. An asset search can reveal the date that properties or toys were purchased, so that if a spouse argues that an asset is separate property - purchased before the marriage - we can usually uncover the facts.

A California Divorce is Never Easy, But Having Accurate Asset Information is Critical

We're sorry that you're going through this difficult time. The mission of Linked Investigations is to make this difficult emotional process a little easier with our access to advanced investigative resources.

Whether you're considering getting a divorce or already deep into the divorce process, give us a call to confidentially discuss your situation and needs.  We can work within your budget and come up with a strategy that leads to clarity and peace.

If you get our voice mail, please let us know whether we have permission to leave a message for you if you do not answer your phone. You can also contact us online to begin an asset search investigation now. We look forward to being of service.

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June 1, 2014
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