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Internet access to personal information and violations of privacy have increased exponentially in the last few years. The technology age has been upon us for decades and along with the newfound access to public record information came a host of predatory information companies who sell their services online.

Most of the information a person submits in forms to register products, join groups, take surveys online, or on paper is usually used to market to us later on or simply sold on the information and sales markets. Unfortunately, much of the background check information the average person can purchase from DIY online search services is old, inaccurate, or completely false. Much of this information is simply a collection of the above mentioned sources. Not good.

When you are in need of accurate background check information on a business, yourself or on anyone else, you cannot afford to hire a fly-by-night information company.

  • What decisions are based on bad information?
  • What damage is done? Do you know what's out there about you?
  • Do you know how to correct mis-information?
  • What about the records you are given by search companies about other people?

Can I Run a Background Check On Myself?

Yes, you can. And in fact, we recommend that you do every once in a while so you know what information is out there about you.  Consider the following:

How often are you asked to provide your email address to a store or a company you use for any product or service? Even when the person reassures you that you will not be contacted and your information will not be sold, it's not true.

That's what employees are instructed to say when we question the motives behind their request for our phone numbers and email addresses. We have tested this by providing selected names and corresponding email addresses when promised by the requesting party that our information will not be used for any purpose other than emergencies or record keeping.

We then receive solicitations in time. Sometimes we even received numerous follow up calls. How about your home fax machine? Do you ever get unsolicited faxes?

How often does a checker simply say "what's your email address?" There are all kinds of legal and illegal methods for tracking online searching history, purchasing habits, etc. which paint a more accurate picture of who you are than you could ever imagine.

When you Hire a Private Investigator to perform a background check on yourself, someone else, or a corporate entity, you can be more secure that the information provided is updated and reliable. Anything else is a waste of your time and money.

Mike Garroutte of Linked Investigations has been a licensed private investigator in Los Angeles and Orange County since 1982.

Published on: 
September 1, 2012
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