Addressing Domestic Abuse While Stay At Home Orders Are In Place

Even prior to the Covid-19 stay at home orders, Linked Investigations talked about the seriousness of domestic abuse and restraining order violations. Now that much of the United States is staying at home, the concern for the safety of domestic abuse victims is greater than ever as victims may feel trapped at home with their abusers.

To be clear, there aren’t suddenly more abusive people because of Covid-19.  Instead, the likelihood of abuse is increasing due to an increase in stressors like the loss of a job, decreased social interaction, shortage of supplies, or sickness. This creates a volatile environment for people to take their stress out on whoever happens to be closest to them.

We always encourage you to seek assistance if you need help. If you are experiencing an immediate emergency where your life or the life of someone around you is in danger, call 911. If you need help with a known abuser or don’t know if you have enough evidence to go to the authorities first, we encourage you to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Private investigators can help with serving or maintaining temporary restraining orders, providing surveillance to obtain evidence to be used in court, and by performing background checks to see if the individual in question has a violent past or may be prone to violence.

Your safety is top priority. If you need the services of a licensed private investigator concerning domestic violence or violations of standing court orders, or other serious matters, contact Linked Investigations. We are here to help and regularly refer individuals to top level family law attorneys. We have been providing investigative services to California and beyond since 1982.

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