Alcoholism, Denial and Anger. You Need A Private Investigator.

Whether it's you or your partner who is suffering from alcoholism, is in denial and has issues with controlling anger, you must seek help. If you have children trapped in this situation you must remember them and the potential damage being caused.

It can so easily escalate to a dangerous environment but too often we are too angry, resentful, scared of facing the truth or in denial when it comes to looking at ourselves and drug abuse or alcoholism.

If you can safely remove the children from a volatile situation, do it. You may be able to salvage a relationship between the adults and even with the children. It's better to leave peacefully, if not temporarily to get help or deal with the problems within. The children should not be subjected to this.

Later on you will realize this was the right thing to do. The courts appreciate people who can show they are working on their problems. The court will usually make more favorable decisions. The other parent and the children will appreciate this tremendously. Maybe not right away, but in time, once progress has been made and maintained.

We must learn to respect ourselves to properly respect others.

It doesn't have to end in divorce. If a divorce is the answer, life goes on and the craziness can still end and you can still find peace and friendship. We have met so many good people who have let their issues take over to a degree where they don't even see their behavior. They go unchecked most of the time, until it's too late, there's no turning back and often times, someone loses their life.

It can be tragic or you can really do something to begin moving in the right direction. Most people need to simply grow up and realize they aren't teenagers anymore and the party ended some years ago. Taking on the responsibility of an adult isn't so hard. You need to first acknowledge this and then do what is right, work on a solution.

If you think a private investigator with many years of experience in this field may be helpful. Call us. We have worked on both sides of the fence in these difficult situations. We can help you.

Good Luck and thank you.

Published on: 
January 17, 2012
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