AOE/COE and the world of claims investigation

Insurance Claims Investigators come by the dozen. They charge low rates and hopefully do the surveillance they were hired for. You usually get what you pay for.

Sometimes it is hard to blame the little guy when many private investigation companies pay low rates for a high volume case load and don't pay the field investigator for his travel time and mileage for the cases assigned.

Most of the time the field investigator is underpaid because to the person or private investigation company that was originally hired to do the work simply sub-contracts out to other private investigators.

This private investigator takes a significant cut of the hourly rate while not accurately communicating the case specific requirements. You then wind up with underpaid and poorly informed private investigators in the field.

Hiring a private investigation company

We were shocked to see the waste involved in claims investigations. So many private investigators working on injury cases and plaintiff and defendant investigations in the field did not have the knowledge or integrity the company was counting on.

Many investigators are not doing the work but they are billing for several hours on each case and mysteriously nothing is happening during their watch.

Claims adjusters who hire and usually must babysit their outsourced field investigators by way of requiring them to provide integrity shots (hourly time stamped video that proves someone was actually doing the surveillance) spend too much of their time managing the hired help.

Hire a Good Private Investigation Company for AOE/COE Claims Investigation

What do the insurance companies do when they get onto a good injury claim investigation and are provided with solid information in the form of video and reports written in a professional manner?

The claims investigators, their reps, supervisors and attorneys decide how much surveillance is enough for them to take a firm position and use for court if necessary. Then it's time to move on to the next case.

There is no need to drag these cases out and pay off too-large settlements that only serve to promote more insurance claim fraud.

If a claimant's injuries are legitimate, the company needs to move forward towards a realistic settlement and then move on and tackle the next case.

One private investigator or two?

Millions of surveillance hours and dollars are wasted yearly on cases that could have been concluded early on. The communication at the insurance company needs to be regular and the investigative agency needs to perform well and in a timely manner, or a different private investigation company should be called in.

The private investigation company and the client, usually the insurance company or an attorney, should discuss whether one or two field investigators should be used on each case as they arise, and for how long. The reasons for this are usually known to the insurance company representative and the private investigator. While the cost is higher for two field investigators, this can serve several purposes and can in some situations make or break a field investigation.

Insurance companies who communicate well with their private investigators and keep a handle on the quality of the agencies they use can stay with them for years and enjoy a consistently good work product.

AOE/COE Surveillance Investigator

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May 1, 2012
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