Are You my Mother? Licensed P.I. offers tips to find birth mother.

Mother's Day is right around the corner, which means, as a private investigation firm, we begin to receive phone calls from people who are looking for their birth mother. The mother-child bond is one of the strongest connections most of us have. When that bond is lacking, or was never formed in the first place, it can leave a lasting ache. If you have tried all the online searches, and have traced all of your leads, it might be time to hire a professional investigator to assist you in your search to find your birth mother.

I want to find my mom. Now what?

These days, more and more people are opting for open adoptions, in case the child eventually wants to find his or her birth parents. However, in many cases, private adoptions are just that: private. This means it can be harder than you think to find the details you need to locate your biological mother. Here are some steps you can take to see if you can find your mom on your own. If they don't work, the investigative work you have done isn't for nothing. The more information and details you can hand to a private investigator, the more likely you are to find her. The right private investigator can usually find someone quickly.

Ask your adoptive parents. Have you talked to your adoptive parents yet? You might find out they are perfectly willing to share all the know once they realize you are interested in finding your biological mother. Even if you are afraid it will hurt their feelings, it's important to be honest with them about your desires. Ultimately, they want you to be happy and fulfilled Write down every piece of information they have, or can remember, about your adoption process. Even insignificant details may become important later on.

Round up the documents. Your parents probably have some type of documentation regarding your adoption and/or birth. The more official documents you have access to, the better. If they know where you were born, you can try to track down hospital records to see if you can find information regarding your mother. If you have a name of the adoption agency or firm that was used, you can contact them to see what files they are able to share with you.

Request non-identifying information. In some cases, the agency or state that handled your adoption may not be able to provide you with identifying information, but they can provide you with non-identifying information. While this might seem frustrating at first, you would be surprised how powerful this information can be when it's in the right hands. You may find you have biological siblings, which can give you an avenue by which to locate your mother. You may find other statistics such as her date of birth, level of education or profession, physical characteristics, etc. All of these pieces of the puzzle can help you get closer to finding your mother.

If these avenues all seem like dead ends, consider hiring a professional.

Hire a Private Investigator and Find Your Mother

An experienced private investigator may be able to build upon your initial investigative work. This can keep the costs more affordable than you think. Sometimes, the right spare pieces of information are just enough for us to plug into our data bases in order to uncover the information you need.

Let this be a Mother's Day you can truly celebrate. If you are wanting to reconnect with your mother, or any family member, please contact Linked Investigations.  Owner Mike Garroutte has been a licensed private investigator in Los Angels and Orange County for many years. He knows how to find someone quickly and affordably.

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May 1, 2013
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