Asset Search for a Divorce

Why would I have an asset search done when I'm already getting a divorce?

Asset searches are one of the most valuable tools available today. An Asset investigation is the most important source of information in approximately 80 percent of divorce cases we see. Two other private investigative services can be equally important; surveillance and a background check.

If you already know there are no assets in your marriage and there are no bad financial surprises looming around the corner for either you or your spouse, you don't just think this but you are sure, then you may not need to conduct an asset search.

Asset Research

You should ask yourself; "Do I really know?" Do you know what are considered to be assets? Do you know all of the liabilities or potential liabilities? Have you considered retirement accounts, IRA & Roth IRA, 401K, secret bank accounts, inheritance or unknown property? There are numerous areas you should have your professional private investigator and your attorney look into. Not having this done can be regrettable. Will the children and you suffer from a big decrease in the life style you have been accustomed to? Many of these problems are avoidable. In most cases you should do this before you let your spouse know what you are up to.

If you or your spouse are not fully informed of all of your assets and liabilities or if your spouse has been lying or has gone so far as to have your name removed from title illegally, using fraudulent means, or has removed your name from accounts, trusts, businesses, or other investments without your knowledge, it is a good idea to check with a private investigator.

An asset investigator who is an expert at conducting asset research can find out the status of any shared community property or available assets, before your divorce is finalized and it's basically too late to do anything about it.

You should not waste time while your spouse, their significant other or their attorney can discover new hiding places or simply deplete the community assets.

  • Do you or your spouse own one or more business?
  • Are there any inherited properties?
  • Is your spouse involved in a company that you are not aware of?
  • Does your spouse have real estate they are keeping secret?
  • Is your spouse paying for an apartment or house for their lover?
  • Is your spouse paying for their lover's car?
  • Does your spouse pay for trips with their lover?
  • Is there a retirement account or inheritance you may not have considered?
  • Does your spouse buy jewelry or clothing for their lover?
  • Would you benefit from the services of a Forensic Accountant?

There are many types of assets. Most of which are considered community property. If one party in a marriage has spent or is spending money on someone else, you may be entitled to that missing community asset.

It is as important for you to search and find no surprises to help you in deciding how to proceed. If you do not have assets and find nothing surprising, you may be able to have a straight forward and simple divorce with as little drama as possible.

Assets and Child Custody

While some of the more manipulative or slippery people can ace a 730 child custody evaluation, con the counselors and the court, they would be very hard-pressed to refute the detailed, court ready report and video evidence from an experienced private investigator. Combine the private investigator's work product with that of a prepared attorney and you have the recipe for a successful outcome to your case.

  • We encourage anyone seeking the assistance of a private investigator, to check the investigator out before hiring them. See whether they have reviews on-line, real reviews that are not part of their own website.
  • Visit the state of California's website for the Department of Consumer affairs; The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, or BSIS, at To make this easier, I have provided a direct link to that site. Just click on the image below. You will need the investigator's license number or name. Our license number is P.I. 15568.

Mike Garroutte is a licensed private investigator in Orange County, California. He has been a private investigator since 1982 and is the owner of Linked Investigations in Costa Mesa, California. His license number is P.I. 15568.

For more information and to speak with licensed private investigator Mike Garroutte, at no charge, please call 714-432-9911

Thank you for your interest.

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April 1, 2013
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