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Find assets in California or search for assets nationally.

If you need to locate assets for a person or company you're in the right place. We are based in the Newport Beach area in Orange County, California and provide top asset search services locally and nationally.

Do some homework on your own if possible and save money. The best way to get started is to seek out a good private investigation company that conducts asset searches for clients regularly and is not over-priced.

If you can provide the private investigator with some solid information on the subject you need to check on, you will see results sooner and for less cost to you. If you don't have much information the best private investigators can still develop more identifying information on the subject of an asset search and this shouldn't cost much more money.

Our asset searches are legal. Our asset searches don't leave a trail and the person who was investigated will not know they have been looked into. If you would like to discuss our asset search services privately with a licensed private investigator, you can call directly at 714-432-9911 or click on the image below to submit a simple contact form. There is no charge for the consultation and there is no obligation.

No matter what the trade name is for the service of finding money, property, businesses, derogatory financial information and more, we have been providing top private investigative services to our cherished clientele since 1982.

When seeking out the best asset search investigator, keep in mind we know that in some situations customers may have very little information. Tell a prospective private investigator what you have, not specifically, but give them a good idea of the identifying information you have on the subject and explain what you are looking for.

The private detective or private investigator should ask you relevant questions that could bring out additional information you didn't know was useful. This is part of what we do.

Even when asset search investigators don't have the luxury of solid front-end details, we can still develop identifying information, addresses and the like that will enable us to start off strong and run an in-depth asset search for you.

We have a quick turn-around time and the ability to remain flexible when fulfilling your customized request. We will answer your questions and explain what we can do for you. Whether your reasons are personal or for a business concern we will get the results you require. Ask us about the full line of services Linked Investigations can provide for you.

Thank you and good luck.

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October 1, 2012
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