Asset search Investigator: A Vital Part of Any Divorce and Child Custody Case

When it comes to divorce and custody cases, the harsh truth is that people lie. In many cases, the lying is one of the reasons they are getting divorced in the first place. In the matter of divorce settlements, it is notable how reluctant the parties involved are to come clean about the exact amount they earn. Somehow they omit to mention those savings accounts, pension plans, insurance policies, the yacht in the Keys . . . Which is where the experienced divorce lawyer resorts to one of their most important resources, the asset search investigator.

Asset searches, combined with other investigative services, can be used to prove an "unemployed" person is, indeed, working. It can reveal assets that were undisclosed to the courts, and may even uncover hidden assets or secret bank accounts you didn't even know your spouse had. Our asset search services have helped to increase alimony and child support payments for many a client.

Putting a price on divorce

For families, children are the priority in a separation. For childless couples though, the bottom line is cash. It seems that emotional pain may be significant but what really concerns people about a divorce is how much it is going to cost them. A recent Forbes article reported that 58% of divorcing couples put the cost of divorce as their most pressing concern. The second most important issue was the division of property, confirming that material matters are the dominant element in divorce. When it comes to matters of the heart, the almighty buck still wields a considerable influence.

This might explain why those involved are so reticent about revealing their true financial worth. Suspecting that the ex is trying to cheat them out of their fair share might be a motivating factor. It is apparent that expert assistance in the form of a licensed private investigator, adept in conducting an asset search is required.

An asset search will uncover bank accounts, check property records, verify employment histories and salary levels, and uncover obscure financial details like private gym memberships, car leasing arrangements and share holdings. In this way, an exact picture of an individual's wealth can be obtained.

Custody battles

Where children are concerned, the deceit may be of a contrasting nature. Parents may be inclined to exaggerate their earnings or assets in order to seem more capable of providing for a child. Parents unwilling to appear as deadbeats may invent jobs, inflate salaries or claim ownership of a rented property, in order to influence a custody hearing. An investigator's asset search can quickly uncover the truth and present an accurate picture of a parent's resources.

In other cases, an individual may hide their assets, neglect to list all sources of income, or work under the table in order to lower the amount of their child support payments. It becomes hard for them to argue their case in court when they are up against our accurate asset search results.

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September 1, 2013
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