Asset Searches and You: How to Decide When You Need One

Private investigators use asset search investigations to provide clients with the answers they’re seeking.

We use these searches to:

  • Verify information for prospective romantic or business partners;
  • Shed light on financial elder abuse investigations;
  • Catch a cheating spouse;
  • Provide information that lawyers and their clients use for pre- and post-litigation investigation.

A thorough asset check report can reveal important details about the subject in question, including:

● How a property is vested;
● Social security number verification;
● Businesses owned or DBA's and possible employment;
● Hidden assets;
● Tax liens and/or judgments;
● Bankruptcies;
● And more!

Sifting through this information on your own can be challenging at best. We recommend people use a professional asset search firm rather than trusting “Free Online Asset Search” companies or trying to do the search themselves. You cannot afford to miss something important and should not waste time and money. This is especially true when the stakes are higher.

Asset Searches Provide Missing Pieces of the Puzzle

 In some cases, for instance, when you are forming a business partnership or considering taking on an investor, an asset search could show whether the person or people in question are being honest or have not disclosed something of importance. In other instances, the answers can have a profound effect on your life, such as cases involving cheating spouses or family being taken advantage of by a caregiver or other trusted person.

If you feel an asset search or any of our other services at our full-service private investigation firm might benefit your personal or professional life, call Linked Investigations at 714-432-9911 for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

Published on: 
March 3, 2020
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