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Hiring The Right Employees For Your Seasonal Positions

Summer is officially in full swing! The days are long, the temperatures are high, and for many retail stores, camps, and parks, it is the busy season where more workers are needed to keep things running smoothly. In an ideal situation, you can hire an honest, hard-working college student or other candidate that needs some income in the summer. Unfortunately, not everyone that applies for your open job positions is going to be someone you want working for you. A private investigator will help you make the right hiring decisions so that you staff your business with people that you can trust this summer.

Why You Should Use A Private Investigator For Hiring Employees

Regulations on how much information employers can ask their prospective employees are getting stronger. NPR recently reported that four states and several cities have regulations in place that prohibit employers from asking their employees if they have ever been convicted of a crime on job applications. Supporters of the so-called ?ban the box? movement say that this question is an unfair one that prevents reformed ex-offenders from getting a job. The number of states and cities that ?ban the box? is expected to rise.

While there are might be rehabilitated criminals that may be able to fill your summer positions in an efficient, trouble-free manner, you have the right to know all of the facts before you make a hiring decision. A pre-employment background screen conducted by a private investigator will help you learn about your candidates in several ways:

  • Conducting a complete background check: private investigators are able to give you detailed information about the criminal history of your job candidates so that you know what they have done in the past
  • Checking their references: during a reference check, a private investigator will talk to people listed on employee applications to make sure that these people are who the candidate says they are. Making up references is unfortunately a common practice among job applicants
  • Interviewing your candidates: maybe you have checked their references and gotten the results from a background check, but you are still not sure about whether or not a person is the right employee for your company. A private investigator interview will help you determine what the person is like and where their values lie. This type of interview can be especially important if you are thinking about hiring someone that has a criminal record.

Finding The Right Hires To Heat Up Summer Business

The right employee will treat your customers with respect, show up when they are supposed to, and do their work efficiently. Employers do a great service to their community by providing people with the opportunity to make some money and contributing to their local economy. As someone in search of job candidates for the summer, you owe it to yourself and your business to find someone that you can totally depend on to do their job.

A private investigator cannot make your hiring decision for you, but they can present all the facts so that this decision is much easier. A skilled private investigator will work diligently to give you all of the important information that you need about people that are looking to come to work for you. Don't let your desire to quickly find people to work for you overshadow your need to protect your business. Hire a private investigator to seek out the best available candidates to lend your organization a hand this summer.

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July 1, 2014
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