Surveillance Benefits in Business

Corporate espionage, embezzlement, and internal theft cost California employers millions of dollars in losses every year. If you are worried about the financial health of your business, it may seem counter-intuitive to spend money on investigative services. However, doing so can be one of the most efficient ways to save on the bottom line. Linked Investigations offers surveillance services to provide you with the information you need to determine if your company profits are being pilfered.

Other benefits of surveillance include :

1.  The Ability to Uncover Employee Theft

Inventory control is an integral aspect of your business. You trust your employees to accurately account for inventory, maintain it, and protect it. However, statistics show that employee theft is responsible for as much as 43% of revenue loss. Surveillance can provide you with the evidence you need to terminate a thieving employee, or to pursue prosecution against him or her.

Surveillance can also be useful at the corporate level. If you believe that a business partner, high-ranking executive, or department manager is stealing clients or trade secrets, our professional private investigators can provide you with the discreet and professional services you need to uncover the truth.

2.  Proof of Violating Agreements

You use confidentiality and non-compete agreements to help protect the trade secrets and confidential information of your business. Our surveillance team can help determine if your employees are using the connections and training that you paid for, for their own personal gain. Using surveillance, we can help you to gather the evidence needed to successfully pursue remedies against these parties in the courtroom, or to ensure that employee loyalty is intact.

3.  More Information about Prospects

If your business is considering a merger or the acquisition of a key corporate officer, a thorough investigation consisting of surveillance and other services, such as a background check or asset search, can help you to acquire the additional information you need. We may be able to uncover past instances of fraud or unsavory behavior that could make you reconsider your decision.

4.  The Ability to Show Employee Misconduct

As an employer, you have the legal duty to protect your employees and customers. This entails putting people that you trust in key positions. However, employees sometimes violate this trust or handle themselves in an improper manner. For example, they may engage in risky behaviors, display violence in the workplace, waste employer time, or spend irresponsibly during business trips. Behaviors such as these can damage your company’s reputation and financial well-being. Our team can narrow in on specific employees or observe the general workplace environment to determine if any of these issues are present.

To preserve objectivity, some corporate clients retain the services of a private investigator in order to complete a third-party investigation into employment discrimination, sexual harassment, or other employment claims. Private investigators can interview claimants and other individuals who witnessed the alleged misconduct and prepare a formal report to employers. Our professional team knows the questions to ask to uncover the truth, and to quickly resolve claims that threaten your business.

Surveillance can also highlight the need for a more in-depth search of the person involved. A complete background check or criminal record check can give you the additional information you need to plan your next steps.

Our Team Can Help

For more than 30 years, Linked Investigations has been providing surveillance and other private investigative services to our satisfied clientele. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to help you determine the most efficient and economical way to obtain the information you need to protect your business. For more information, please call us at 714-432-9911 or use the contact form.

Published on: 
July 14, 2015
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