Bodies in the Trash: Los Angeles Private Investigators and Missing Persons

Many in Orange County have heard about the recent deaths of four women in Anaheim: Jarrae Nykkole Estepp, Kianna Jackson, Josephine Vargas, and Martha Anaya. Estepp's body, the only one of the four that has been recovered, was found at a trash facility in Anaheim this past March. This discovery has lead the police to believe that the bodies of the other missing persons ended up in landfills around the southern California area. These women disappeared towards the end of last year. Steven Dean Gordon and Franc Cano were arrested and charged with the rape and murder of the four victims.

Anaheim police officers recently announced that they would not be searching local landfills to find the bodies of the missing persons that were killed because this type of search would force the facility to shut down for a while, which isn't feasible, and it's unlikely it would result in the women's bodies being located. This is a tragic case for each victim and their families, but it is one that might have been prevented if a skilled private investigator had been involved early enough.

Los Angeles Private Investigators Working On Grisly Cases

No one likes to think about the dark side of crime that results in victims that are badly injured or killed. Unfortunately, private investigators run the risk of dealing with these types of situations on a daily basis. Anaheim private investigators are readily available to help clients who suspect their loved ones are victims, or to prevent themselves or their loved ones from falling victim to violent crimes. Some of the ways that a private investigator may be able to help clients prtect themselves include :

  • Anaheim surveillance services: Anaheim is a part of Orange County that has many busy areas: Disneyland, Angel Stadium, and the Honda Center are all places where tens of thousands of people can sometimes be found at a single time. A quality private investigator has the ability ad experience to scan large crowds at places like these to help clients find someone that they want to track
  • Complete background check services: unfortunately, one of the only ways to truly know what a person has done in their past is to conduct a background check. Background checks are especially useful for Anaheim business owners that want to check potential hires for any past criminal activity before they make the final decision to hire them
  • Interview services: one of the best ways to find out what actually happened at a crime scene is to get in touch with people in the area who may have witnessed the crime or noticed people who were involved. Private investigators have ways of getting information from witnesses that are often not available to police officers that are investigating crimes. People with warrants, prior criminal histories, or who have had negative relationships with the police are prone to withholding valuable information they may be willing to share with a civilian Anaheim private investigator.

Choosing A Private Investigator In Anaheim: A Critical Process

If you are looking to find a private investigator who can help you learn about a past violent crime or prevent you from falling victim to a crime in the future, it is important that you pick a skilled investigator. While no one can predict the future, the best private investigator is one who can use a combination of experience, intuition, and discretion to make sure you get the information needed.

Great Anaheim private investigators can get details on a violent crime or find information about someone who you suspect may have been involved. Contact Linked Investigations to get started on a missing persons case or to learn more about our investigative services.

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August 1, 2014
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