Can a complete background check help your case?

Knowledge is power. That's an adage that has considerable force in a courtroom, or, from the attorney's point of view, when your client is interested in settling a case out of court. Having all the pertinent information relating to a case is vital, and professional investigative expertise is invariably an asset. When a complete background check is called for, private investigators have the techniques and experience to compile a thorough and detailed report that can serve as persuasive evidence.

A Complete Background Check Pieces Together Personal Profiles

Clients will often approach an attorney with concerns or suspicions about spouses, family members or new partners. They need the hard information and the reassurance that a background check can provide. This can be especially beneficial in child custody cases, where the well-being of children is at the forefront of the case. The facts that a private investigator can uncover, quickly and discreetly, could form the bedrock of effective legal action. The investigation will involve a broad range of investigative techniques, including checks on:

  • criminal records
  • civil action records
  • social security numbers
  • sexual offender records
  • social media activity
  • child custody orders
  • property ownership deeds
  • employment history

A private investigator can build a detailed and enlightening picture of the person in question, presented as a detailed and substantiated report which a client and attorney can use as they see fit.

A Complete Background Check is Integral to Employee screening

A complete background check is advisable when facing a legal action against employees placed in positions of trust. Nannies and staff entrusted with the care of the elderly are obvious examples, but it can also be sensible to conduct checks on all household staff. We recommend clients use a complete background check as a pre-employment screening tool. This can help them down the road, should an employee commit a crime on the company clock. Solid pre-employment screening, using a background check, shows the courts you did all you can to hire responsible, ethical employees.

As part of a corporate investigation, background checks can be a vital tool in identifying potential problems. Companies placing a great deal of responsibility in new employees will often be advised to look beyond the resume and conduct background checks, especially with regard to verifying qualifications and identity and uncovering any concealed criminal records. Where employees are entrusted with valuable goods or have access to sensitive data as part of their work, background checks are highly advisable.

In business, it makes sense to cover every base before making a major investment. Clients who are dealing with new associates or contemplating a partnership need the reassurance that only a complete background check can provide.

Hire a private investigator when you need experts in the field

Linked Investigations have over 30 years of experience of conducting thorough background checks for businesses and individuals. A free consultation is the starting point for a thorough investigation tailored to a client's specified requirements. Contact us if you feel our complete background check services can be of service.

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August 1, 2013
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