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Unfortunately, infidelity is all too common, especially in areas like Costa Mesa or other parts of southern California inhabited by celebrities. All you have to do is look at the headlines to learn about how prevalent this problem is in California divorces. Remember the affair between country swooner LeAnne Rimes and Eddie Cibrian that played out on not one - but two - reality television shows? To catch a costa mesa cheater, call Linked Investigations today.

Sometimes when celebrities work closely together, they may be more susceptible to getting involved in an extramarital relationship, as might have been the case between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie back when Brad was still married to America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston. And who can forget the infamous Arnold Schwarzenegger scandal that revealed the existence of a love child between the then-governor of California and his former maid?

Infidelity isn’t a problem that affects only the rich and famous either. Approximately 55 percent of respondents in a national survey stated that infidelity was a “significant” problem in their marriage that helped lead to divorce. The study was cited by Brigham Young University professor Alan J. Hawkins in his book Should I Try to Work It Out? As the research shows, many marriages are plagued by infidelity.

Often, an innocent spouse doesn’t know if their suspicions are well-grounded or if they are simply feeling insecure in the relationship. For many people, discovering infidelity is not as easy as searching for their spouse’s name on an adultery website.

Like many things in life, there is a right way to uncover infidelity and a wrong way to do it.

Wrong Way to Catch a Cheater – Installation of Tracking Devices

Some suspicious spouses may want to install a tracking device so that they know where their spouse is at all times. However, California law states that it is illegal for a person or entity to “use an electronic tracking device to determine the location or movement of a person.” While California law does provide an exception when the registered owner consents to the use of the electronic tracking device, the law is murky at best with California’s community property system, potentially exposing a suspicious spouse to criminal liability if they attempt this method. Additionally, this information may not even be admissible in court.

The information gleaned from electronic tracking information is also not foolproof. A spouse can easily use a different type of transportation, find the tracking device and destroy it, or be having an affair in a place he or she frequents that does not raise suspicions.

Right Way to Catch a Cheater – Discreet Private Surveillance

Private surveillance is a method that both investigators and clients in Costa Mesa and the surrounding areas prefer because it is much more discreet. An experienced private investigator who values his or her career acts with integrity and stays within the bounds of the law. An investigator can also provide more detailed information than a tracking device can, such as the activities that the subject was engaging in when surveillance was conducted. They can also film or photograph private liaisons to serve as evidence of adultery.

Catch A Costa Mesa Cheater With Linked Investigations

Additionally, an experienced private investigator knows how to cover his tracks and keep from being found out. Asking a friend or amateur to complete this important job to catch a cheater in Costa Mesa could potentially jeopardize your safety if your spouse finds out about it. Professional private investigators know how to avoid detection and will always put your safety and interests first.

If you would like to learn more about how we can help you catch a cheating spouse in Costa Mesa or the surrounding area through the use of surveillance, contact us by phone at 877-464-5374, or use our convenient online form.

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September 15, 2015
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