Cheating Spouse at Halloween

For many, Halloween represents dressing up the kids in costumes and trick or treating. For others, it can be a time of great anxiety. The holiday also provides a greater degree of anonymity as people get dressed up in sexy costumes and pretend to be someone (or something) they’re not. And sometimes they go too far. A cheating spouse is not uncommon at Halloween.

Halloween Temptations

Halloween is a popular time for cheating. Halloween parties are full of women dressed up like sexy cheerleaders, witches, angels, devils, cats, and other characters. They may be tempted to get into a compromising position with the devilishly-handsome vampire, male stripper, or barely-dressed police officer who is also at the party. The risk of this happening is even greater if everyone is drinking and letting loose for the ghoulish night.

Orange County celebrates the holiday in full flair, offering a number of opportunities for those wishing to get frisky. Irvine hosts a special Boot Hill on select October nights in which lovers can get engulfed in fog in a scary scene featuring a cemetery. There are also a number of children-oriented events, such as Boo at the Zoo in Santa Ana or Irvine Park Railroad - Pumpkin Patch, where children may be dropped off while their parent runs off for a secret liaison. Public viewings of the scariest movies of all time could also cause a spouse to run into the arms of a new lover.

The Holidays: Time for a Cheating Spouse

Is your mate going to a Halloween party without you? Are you worried that he or she will take advantage of the easy alcohol and the temptation of all those the sexy outfits? Are there other occasions like Thanksgiving or Christmas when your significant other always seems unavailable? And does that happen to correspond with holiday parties?

Many spouses and partners claim that their company does not allow them to invite their spouses to corporate parties. However, our private investigators have found that this is almost never the case. Instead, many people use this as an excuse to NOT bring their spouse, whether it’s true or not. This way, they have a chance to flirt with their colleague, secretary, client, or other person that they haven’t had the chance to be alone with until now.

People often start thinking about hiring a private investigator after the holidays because of weird things that happened during the holiday, or because of a gut instinct that they had afterward. Perhaps their partner started acting differently right after a holiday party or other event, and that set off red flags.

Has this happened to you already? Do you worry about what your partner did when he went to that party alone? Are you starting to recall some of the strange things that happened and how they all seemed to line up around the holidays? Did your spouse go missing in action around a holiday, or were you specifically not invited to that Halloween or Christmas party?

Private Investigator in Orange County at Your Service

If you are suspicious about what your spouse did – or may do – during a holiday party, we offer a number of services in the Orange County area that can help you uncover the truth:

  • Surveillance – We can discreetly follow your partner and monitor his or her behavior during holiday parties. If the party already occurred, we can continue monitoring to see if the affair carries on past the holiday season.
  • Professional Private Investigative Services – We can analyze documents and behaviors that indicate infidelity, such as spending money on hotels, restaurants, or other “entertainment” expenses.

For a private and free consultation regarding our services and how we can uncover proof of a Halloween affair, contact Linked Investigations at 877-464-5374.

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September 8, 2015
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