My House Or Yours: Cohabitation and Child Custody

Cohabitation—living together—with or without children can have a dramatic effect on your wallet. Are you paying money to an ex to assist that person with living expenses, hopefully for a temporary period? If they are now living with someone new, you can most likely reduce or cancel your assistance all together. With a plan and the correct team on your side, you can keep your money.

Many concerns with child custody can be linked to cohabitation. For example, a couple with children may have divorced and have shared custody with set child support parameters based on each party’s percentage of custody. Too many parents do not have the best interest of the child or children at heart. They just want to pay less money or make more money depending on the parameters that have been set.  One parent may require extra financial assistance because they are handling the financial expenses as a single parent. The other parent may have a new significant other now living with them and contributing financially. Even if the new person is not contributing, they likely have the means to do so. Many do not, however, because the ex-spouse is paying their way. When does it end?

This change in a living situation can influence the financial and emotional dynamics of the situation, especially if the one parent hides or denies their new significant other is living with them. Further, the concealment or failure to disclose a third party living with your children can be much more sinister.

Ask yourself if you know enough about the “other person” to be comfortable with having them around your child. Are they a sex offender? Are they a career criminal? Are they a violent person? Do they engage in illegal behavior? The person engaging in cohabitation may be living with someone the court has already ordered not to be around the minor children. There may be orders in place that no overnights are allowed when the children are present.

We can provide detailed background checks in these situations, and surveillance, if warranted, that can be used in court. The services Linked Investigations provides are legal and admissible in court, if needed. Linked Investigations also provides court-ready reports of any findings and is able to provide expert witness services.

If you have a situation where you believe that someone is being dishonest about their living arrangements, it is probably time to hire the right licensed private investigator to help. An experienced, licensed private investigator can conduct surveillance and gather evidence, including asset searches, to help you to make an informed decision about your situation.

If you are experiencing issues related to cohabitation or any other family law concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free no-obligation consultation. Our consultations are private and remain confidential. We are a full-service private investigative firm. Our licensed private investigators have been assisting clients just like you since 1982.

Most of the time our clients are already aware or are suspicious of an existing cohabitation situation. Sometimes the clients learn this through social media. Still more are informed by ex-neighbors, mutual friends, or the children. Many cohabitants are unaware this can affect their monthly support payments and  they do not even try to conceal their living conditions. You need proof, not your accusation, of the living conditions for court. You need a talented, licensed private investigator for this.

Most of the time, cohabitation is not disclosed simply for the benefit of making extra money from the previous spouse.

Proving cohabitation is not always easy to accomplish. If your investigator is not an expert in Family Law or cohabitation and falls short of providing the best service for you, this can lead to a worse outcome for you or worse, create a potential liability for you and the private investigator. Your best bet is to contact two to three licensed private investigators and discuss their process if they have one, in a confidential, free consultation. Most private investigators do not know how to successfully conduct surveillance—let alone an important and critical cohabitation surveillance that can be a game-changer in court, potentially saving hundreds of thousands of dollars over the next several years.

At Linked Investigations, we will always do our best to help you.  

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