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When exploring the possibility of hiring someone to perform private investigative services, experience is key. For over 30 years, Linked Investigations has helped people in Corona del Mar and the rest of Orange County, California, uncover the information needed to make important decisions in their lives. Our Corona Del Mar private investigator services provide a number of investigative functions, including the following:

Background Checks

If you need to verify a person’s background for personal, professional, or employment purposes, our comprehensive background check can help. Be wary of services that offer to provide records at no fee. The type of information in these portals is often inaccurate and incomplete. Our knowledgeable private investigators have access to databases that provide accurate and current results. With the right facts in hand, you can make better decisions about the people you need to be able to trust in your life on a daily basis, such as your child’s nanny, an elderly parent’s caregiver, a business partner, or an employee. Let us help you to confirm who they really are with our background check services.

Family Law Services

When individuals are going through a divorce or otherwise disputing support issues, the higher-earning party may try to claim that he or she has less assets or income in order to avoid their legal responsibilities. After all, with a median household income of just over $120,000, residents of Corona del Mar have a lot at stake. Our Corona del Mar private investigator services can help uncover information about a party’s assets and other information that may assist in family law cases, such as:

  • Evidence of Infidelity – Armed with photographic and video evidence supplied through our surveillance services, clients can confront their cheating spouses and partners, or simply use the information they learn to make a plan for moving forward.
  • Evidence of Cohabitation – Sometimes a former partner will try to claim that they are still a single parent so they can keep their support payments at the level originally ordered by the courts. In other cases, your ex may want to hide a new relationship so any child custody agreement or visitation rights aren't jeopardized. Through surveillance, background checks, and other investigative means, we can usually find out the truth. If they have been dishonest about their living arrangements, you need to know. The safety of your children (and your financial well-being) could be at stake.
  • Verification of Address Information – With access to some of the best and most accurate databases available, we have an excellent track record of pinpointing a subject's address. This can be critical for a victim of domestic violence who is trying to stay safe from their abuser while making an exit plan. It can also help parties determine where to serve others with legal documents.
  • Verification of Employment – Some parents lie about their employment status and income to avoid support obligations. We can conduct surveillance or access records that will help you learn the truth.
  • Criminal History – Our comprehensive criminal record check may uncover a criminal past that a partner or parent has tried to keep hidden. We can also investigate a former spouse’s new romantic interest to see if he or she has a history of crime that could compromise the safety of your children.
  • Court Order Violations – Our surveillance team can help you to document evidence when someone makes contact in violation of a restraining order, or does not comply with a custody or visitation order. Such evidence can often be presented in court to make them stop.

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About Corona del Mar

Corona del Mar is a community nestled on the foot of the San Joaquin Hills along a bluff at the south end of Newport Beach, California. It contains some prime real estate with residences facing the front of the Pacific Ocean, but the vast majority of the community ranges from the area south of Avocado Avenue leading up to the city limits. It is renowned as one of the most luxurious communities in Orange County, offering breathtaking cliffside views and numerous sandy beaches. 12,478 people called Corona del Mar home as of the 2010 census.

City of Corona del Mar

Corona del Mar receives its municipal level services from the City of Newport Beach and is technically part of the incorporated city of Newport Beach. However, it has its own representative on the Newport Beach City Council. The City, located at 10000 Civic Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660, is responsible for issuing permits, dog licenses, and business licenses. For telephone inquiries, call them at 949-644-3309.

Police Department

For emergencies, call 911. The Newport Beach Police Department serves Corona del Mar and can be reached at 949-644-3681. It is located at 870 Santa Barbara Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

Fire Department

For emergencies, call 911. The Newport Beach Fire Department provides fire services for the Corona del Mar area. It can be reached at 949-644-3106 for non-emergency calls, and is located at 100 Civic Center Drive, Bay 2B, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

Post Office

The Post Office accepts mail addressed to the city of Corona del Mar for residents in the 92625 area. Post office locations in Newport Beach can be found at the United States Postal Services website.

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