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The services of a California private investigator can be a key asset for businesses looking to protect their profits and stay competitive. For many companies losing inventory, experiencing labor problems or concerned that their sensitive commercial data may be leaking, private investigation makes perfect business sense. The evidence uncovered by a PI can identify where a company is vulnerable and address the problem before it becomes too damaging.

The next time your client needs evidence regarding potential employee theft, time theft, trademark or copyright infringement, etc., consider hiring a California private investigator who specializes in corporate investigations.

Identifying employee theft using surveillance services

Company audits can often uncover perplexing losses of inventory or depleted stocks. Identifying the cause of theft and the culprits is a sensitive issue. The discreet services of a PI are ideal for this purpose, using time-tested surveillance techniques to gather enough evidence to confront those responsible and secure dismissals or prosecutions with the minimum of disturbance to the running of the business.

In some cases, key witnesses may have moved away or are unwilling to testify. A California private investigator can use established investigative procedures and contact networks to locate witnesses and is often more persuasive at getting them to talk than a police officer. Private investigators are experts and knowing how to locate a person, even if they have been missing for some time.

Sometimes theft issues are not quite so tangible. A company's profits can be dented by time theft, where staff take advantage of an employer or use company time to work on their own projects. Corporate surveillance is an issue that calls for a delicate touch and experienced investigators, but gathering conclusive evidence is the most effective way to confront employees misusing their contracted work hours.

Intellectual property theft

For many companies, their most valuable assets can be software, a database, copyrights or patents. The leaking of this material can be extremely damaging to a business. Private investigators can identify the source of a leak, collect evidence of copyright and patent infringements and collate the detailed evidence needed for possible litigation or prosecutions.

We ask the right questions and record the answers

Employees confronted with evidence of wrongdoing may be defiant when faced by an employer, but more persuasive when interviewed by a California private investigator with a hefty dossier of their offenses on the table. A PI can can take sworn statements and declarations under penalty of perjury, warn employees about the dangers of perjury and present the material for clients to decide whether they want to proceed with prosecution. We are only interested in documenting the facts and evidence that pertain to your clients' case.

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Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, has more than 30 years of experience in providing corporate investigations in California. Our corporate investigative services take us both state and nationwide and we have affiliations with expert investigators across the globe. A free consultation will provide a detailed outline of the investigative services available to both attorneys and corporations. Contact us today.

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August 1, 2013
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