Corporate Investigator Uncovers Fraud. What are Your Employees Up To?

Improving Employee Supervision With A Private Investigator

In an ideal world, everyone would do the right thing in their workplace and there would be no need for an organization to be concerned about employees causing harm to the company through negligence or theft. Unfortunately, we live in the real world, where employees steal, lie, and waste time at work. To help your company become aware of this kind of behavior and stop it before it gets out of control, hire a dependable private investigator.

Types Of Employee Behavior That Hurt Companies

It is true that employees are the backbone of an organization; without workers that perform properly, no company can succeed. Conversely, employees that do the wrong thing can make a company fail quickly. Dangerous behaviors that employees engage in include :

  • Internal theft: stealing inventory, cash, or committing check fraud are all ways that employees can steal from a business. In the 2014 edition of their Report To The Nations on Occupational Fraud and Abuse, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that the median estimate for how much a business loses from theft each year was 5% of revenue.
  • Negligence: while negligence may not be as malicious as stealing or lying, it can still do serious damage to a business, especially one that is heavily dependent on technology. In 2012 Breaking Government reported that almost 40% of all data breaches in the United States occurred as a result of employee negligence.
  • Time theft: it might not seem like a big deal if your employees come in late or take personal calls, but these small activities can add up. Time theft can go unnoticed even in offices run by the government: for example, take the notorious Environmental Protection Agency scandal from earlier this year, where according to the Huffington Post an EPA employee spent between two and six hours a day watching pornographic materials at work.

These are three common examples of how unsupervised employees can harm an organization. If you are worried about fraud in your business or simply want to get your team checked out to get confirmation that things are on the up and up, a private investigator can help.

Corporate Investigative Services Can Protect Your Business From Employee Wrongdoing

Corporate private investigative services can help your company save time and money by identifying this negative behavior so that you can put an end to it. Services offered by a private investigator include :

  • Surveillance: Business surveillance can help you see what your employees are up to if you suspect that they are needlessly wasting time or engaging in illicit activities while on breaks from work
  • Employee screenings and background checks: A past record of crime will often be an indicator of an employee's present behavior. A private investigator can help you make sure that current and prospective employees do not have any charges against them that would make them unsuitable for your workplace
  • Internal investigations: your relationship with your employees might make it difficult to get to the bottom of what is really going on. A private investigator will use experience and skills to hold non-threatening interviews that help uncover the truth from your employees

Your business is your lifeblood. If someone is acting maliciously or carelessly and it is hurting the company, you owe it to yourself and the rest of the team to put an end to this behavior. Hire a private investigator to find out whether or not employees are doing wrong so that you can keep your organization on the path to success.

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July 1, 2014
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