Could Your Business Benefit from a Corporate Investigator? Heck yeah!

Can't quite put your finger on why your business isn't running "as usual"? It might be time to hire a corporate investigator. Whether you're experiencing a high employee turnover rate, or you suspect there are slippery fingers in the till, professional investigative services can get to the bottom of it and get your business back on track.

Your company's success depends on the integrity of partners, investors, managers, and employees. When one of these cogs in your business machine becomes weak, or appears to be compromised in some way, the road ahead can seem bumpy and unpredictable. Although it is an unfortunate situation, it opens a window of opportunity for an objective, knowledgeable, and resourceful third-party to get involved and help you uncover the truth. An experienced, licensed corporate investigator will work with both family owned businesses and large corporations to find solutions and get businesses back on track.

Sometimes, implementing simple pre-employment screening and/or complete employee background checks is all it takes to provide the continuity and dependability you want for your business.The following are signs your company would benefit from corporate investigative services :

  • High employee turnover rate and/or an inability to verify application information and references.
  • Your once motivated staff seems disgruntled and/or their work pace seems sluggish.
  • A sudden change in cash flow, missing revenue or inventory.
  • Suspicious loss of accounts or lower order volume, unusual unfair competition in designated distribution areas.
  • Sales appear to be lower and/or refunds/returns seem higher .
  • You're facing a law suit from a current or former employee.
  • Your employees' expense accounts are increasing at a noticeable rate.
  • You sense that employee business trips are all play and little work.
  • You just have a gut feeling that something isn't right.
That's when it's time to call a corporate investigator. Most corporate investigators offer a complimentary consultation, which will give you the opportunity to receive expert advice, and develop a tailor-made plan of action, to put your business back on the path towards positive cash flow and healthy employee morale. Plus, you have the opportunity to decide if the private investigator is the right match for you and your company.

Corporate investigative services include :

Pre-employment background searches: The time and money you spend now on thorough background searches for prospective employees, partners, or investors, can save tremendous amounts of time and money down the road.  You want to ensure your company hires solid and trustworthy employees who will respect your company's best interest at all times. A complete background check can reveal an individual's employment history, national criminal record, and we will verify their references are genuine. Linked Investigations' corporate services will also verify business history, financial records, and any past or present litigation history attached to a partner or investor.Internal Investigations: Regardless of how positive your relationship with employees may be, they might find it difficult to be honest and up front with you about nefarious activities in the workplace. Or, maybe a specific incident has occurred for which you're trying to be accountable, but you lack hard evidence to take action. The best thing you can do is hire an outside party to quickly and efficiently assess the situation. A corporate investigator can conduct in-house interviews designed to get your employees to spill the beans. We create a safe, comfortable atmosphere and our interviews can reveal shocking truths about what is truly going on behind the scenes. A corporate investigator can provide you with declarations, signed under penalty of perjury, if necessary. We can also provide business surveillance services if you need a physical record of evidence.

Exit Interviews: Should corporate investigative services illuminate any illegal activities or employee behaviors which result in termination, your corporate investigator will help navigate the exit interview process with you. We have long standing cooperative relationships with local law enforcement and can have them standing by if an employee needs to be legally detained.

A corporate investigator is dedicated to helping your business provide a healthy work environment that promotes employee retention, safety, integrity, and profitability.  We look forward to meeting with you to find solutions that will work within your budget.  Contact Linked Investigations to schedule your free consultation with a licensed corporate investigator today. 877-464-5374.

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, has worked as a corporate investigator in Los Angeles and Orange Counties since 1982. His investigative services are priced competitively.

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June 1, 2013
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