Custody - Is your child safe? Call a Private Investigator

Maybe it is time to check on your child's environment.

If you have concerns about the environment your ex has your child in, you should check. Do you notice erratic behavior, anger, unruliness? Does your little angel return home to you from a visit with their other parent, acting-out or acting strangely subdued, distant, overly clingy, or fatigued?

  • Are they a different person than when you let them go. Did they leave happy and organized, clean and well mannered, only to return an unmanageable wreck?
  • Major custody issues must be looked into and addressed properly.
  • You will have a huge task before you if you simply try to convince an evaluator or your over-priced and too busy attorney that there is something much more serious going on than they know.
  • After your ex husband or wife, or significant other has an evening, weekend, week or holiday of custody of your child, is there something wrong with your child's behavior?
  • Does this happen every time they are returned to you?

You may have a very valid concern. There are many reasons for this behavior and most of them are not good. You may not be a "helicopter mom" or a man with control issues.

While we will not delve into the dark corners of dysfunctional and dangerous situations too deeply, we must stress the importance of and your responsibility in checking and doing whatever is within your rights to promote a safe and healthy environment for your child.

This is their life, they depend on your better judgement and when you have little say in what happens to them when you aren't there, the stress and worry can be immeasurable.

Here are some of the scenarios we as private investigators, child custody experts, have assisted our clients with so they can establish cause in the courtroom and give proof to the court and to the evaluators who so often are fooled by the polished and practiced, if not measured behavior of a bad parent.

We have conducted thousands of surveillances in the last thirty years. Most of these have been in the area of family law.

Are any of the following of concern?

We care. We can help you. We will listen to you and discuss several options for you to get action now. We do not charge for an initial phone consultation or a follow up consultation in person. Before you decide to retain our services, you will know what we charge, how we succeed for you and you will feel comfortable knowing you've got the best private investigator on your side.

We offer comprehensive, hands-on service from the beginning and into the future if needed. We provide a top professional investigation and give you or your attorney a detailed court ready report, pictures and video are also included for the same low fee.

Ask yourself how long you should wait before helping your child when not in your custody.

Published on: 
January 25, 2012
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