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Deadbeat parents are a depressing symptom of modern life. One of the more distressing aspects from the fallout of a divorce is the frequency with which a parent will attempt to weasel out of making adequate provision for their children. They commonly claim to be destitute or to have a low-level income that does not enable them to contribute. Often, this is far from the truth.

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The aftermath of a divorce is an emotional and traumatic period, but gathering hard evidence is the most effective way of achieving an equitable settlement. In order to substantiate a claim for child support or pursue a delinquent parent through the courts, hard evidence is required. An experienced child custody private investigator can make a valuable contribution to a child support enforcement case by gathering that evidence using time-tested asset search and surveillance techniques.

A child support investigator can sort the truth from the lies

Delinquent parents often rely on ambiguity or obfuscation when it comes to declaring their income. Although it is difficult to conceal a monthly salary check, construction workers, freelancers or service industry employees, such as waiters or bartenders, often make a substantial amount of their income through irregular cash payments, tips or bonuses. They may believe that this money is between them and their conscience, but professional surveillance services can reveal what goes on in the workplace and the kind of lifestyle a delinquent parent is leading. An investigator can soon come up with an accurate figure of the true sums a parent is making from day to day .

Asset search services can uncover hidden assets

A parent can be remarkably resourceful at squirreling away cash and assets ahead of a divorce, in order to minimize the amounts they declare for the purpose of assessing alimony and child support. The PI's asset search services can get past the subterfuges quickly and expose those properties held in a relative's name, the sports car, speedboat or online savings accounts. With a clearer picture of the parent's true worth, a child support enforcement action will have a stronger chance of winning adequate financial rulings from the court.

If you are sure your child support isn't what it should be, or don't believe your ex when he or she claims they don't have the money to pay up, a child custody private investigator can be a major asset. We will work to get the evidence you need to make sure your children are taken care of.

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Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations have over 30 years of experience in gathering evidence for child support enforcement cases. A free consultation will advise on how an investigation can help to enforce the fair financial settlements that children need. Please contact us to see how our investigative services can increase, or reinstate, your child support payments.

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September 1, 2013
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