Don't trust 'em? Run a Background Check on Someone Else's Fiancee.

"Marry in haste, repent at leisure." - Old Proverb

Whoa! You just met your daughter's fiancée and it wasn't pretty. Or, perhaps you have secretly prayed each night your son would dump his girlfriend (there is something untrustworthy about her and you can't put your finger on it) but now you find out they're tying the knot.

If you don't trust the person your loved one is dating, or engaged to, but don't have any proof, a complete background check could be your new best friend. When we run a background check, we can find out a lot about a person such as their work history, criminal records, or previous marriage and divorce records, among other things. We always recommend that people run a thorough background search before they get married. But so often, especially the first time around, people are blinded by love. They trust the person unconditionally and can't imagine that they're being lied to.

If you suspect this is the case for your child, sibling, or good friend, it might be worth the small investment to find the truth out for them.

Five Situations Where a Background Check on Someone Else's Partner is a Good Idea

  1. The 5-Minute Relationship. We all know wonderful stories of people who swear it was love at first sight, got married within a month, and lived happily ever after. Wait! Do we really? If you feel someone you love is jumping the gun on marriage, and suspect it's because their significant other is trying to hook them before they can get away, a background search might be a good idea. We will discuss your concerns and can tailor a background search to cover all the pertinent bases. The truth might hurt, but it hurts a lot more when you learn it too late.
  2. Suspect addiction? Many drug addicts and alcoholics are able to hide their addictions from their mates. If you think your daughter or son's partner might be an addict, we can use background checks to see if they have any DUIs (or how many DUIs they have) as well as other public records that indicate a history of substance abuse. We can also use surveillance services to track their activities. It doesn't take long for us to provide photo and/or video surveillance that indicates a chemical abuse problem.
  3. The Gut Feeling. This is a tricky one. There are some people we don't like, but that doesn't mean we don't trust them. Then there are people who we want to like, but we just don't trust them. Or, there are the people we just don't like and don't trust. As private investigators, we know that gut instincts are important. Our sixth-sense is critical in leading us to the right answers, and/or ringing warning bells when something isn't right. If you have a bad feeling about the person your child or sibling is about to marry, a professional background check can help to put your mind at ease, or provide the proof you suspected all along.
  4. They've asked for money. Hmmmm. In most cases, fully functional adults don't need to ask their partners, or their partner's families, for money. While a need for money in no way implicates a person as being sinister (if it did, 99% of us would be considered sinister), it certainly shows a tendency towards irresponsibility. We could run a background check in which nothing turns up, or we could run one in which a criminal history or drug dealing past turns up. At the very least, you might want to gently insist that your child run a current credit report on their prospective mate, or we can do it for them. If the fiancee has bad credit, their credit histories will soon become one, and that can be bad news for your child's financial future.
  5. They told half the story. Sometimes, we tell half the truth in order to avoid having to tell the whole truth. If you think the partner of someone you love isn't being entirely honest, it might be worth it to investigate before they get married. While it may not change the outcome, at least everyone (i.e. you and your daughter/son/brother/sister/best friend) have all the facts. And, as we all know, honesty is the chief cornerstone of a relationship. Finding out your future son-in-law, who said he has one criminal encounter, actually has more like five criminal encounters and a prison record, is good information to have ahead of time. A background check, including a criminal record search, can provide valuable information.

Need to run a background check on someone who you don't trust, or who isn't telling you the whole story? Contact Linked Investigations. Owner Mike Garroutte has been providing complete background checks, and national criminal background checks, since 1982. We can help you uncover the truth.

Mike Garroutte is a Los Angeles Private Detective who also works as a private investigator in Orange County and southern California.

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April 1, 2013
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