Donald Sterling's Case: The Importance Of Private Investigative Services

If you have been paying attention to the news recently, you have probably heard about Donald Sterling, the disgraced owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team that was recorded making racist statements to his personal assistant, V. Stiviano. On April 29, NBA commissioner Adam Silver announced that Sterling would be banned from the NBA for life and that efforts would be made to force Sterling to sell the Clippers.

Since the NBA's ban, lawyers have been involved on all sides of the case. The ruling has resulted in a legal struggle between Sterling and his wife, Rochelle ?Shelly? Sterling. Shelly Sterling is attempting to sell the team and has already reached a tentative agreement to sell the Clippers for $2 billion to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Examining Sterling's case and the way that it has unfolded thus far will help you understand why hiring a private investigator can be so critical for all types of lawyers.

Private Investigations On Both Sides Of The Sterling Case

Shelly Sterling is attempting to gain control of the Clippers by proving that Donald Sterling is mentally unable to own the team. She hired psychologists to analyze his mental state; according to the New York Post, the two doctors that examined him determined that he suffered from ?cognitive impairment.? Under the terms of the Sterling family trust, this condition would give Shelly legal grounds to take control of and sell the Los Angeles Clippers.

Donald Sterling is fighting back by digging up dirt on other NBA teams and trying to find examples of racist behavior from the NBA's other owners. ESPN reported on June 13 that Donald Sterling will attempt to prove that the NBA is being hypocritical for banning him because of past instances of sexism, racism, and misconduct on the part of other owners.

The Takeaway: How Private Investigators Help You Like They Helped Donald And Shelly Sterling

So how does this case exemplify the importance of private investigators for lawyers? There are several elements of the Sterling case that point to the effectiveness of private investigative services:

  • Shelly Sterling pulled records of her husband's mental condition to prove he was unfit to run the Clippers. Though medical records are usually confidential, private investigators can find criminal records or conduct a full background check that can support your case in a similar way
  • The doctors that interviewed Donald Sterling to determine his mental acuity will have a big impact on the final judgment of who should have full control over the Clippers. Private investigators can interview all types of people to provide similar testimony that can play a key role in proving your case or disproving the case of your opponent.
  • Donald Sterling's private investigation team will conduct investigations on 29 different NBA teams. Each team is its own multi-million dollar organization with numerous employees and departments. A full investigation of the history of each team will require a daunting amount of work. Private investigators will save you time, give your legal research a greater reach, and allow you to enjoy the benefit of information-gathering techniques that you may not have otherwise had access to.

Important Private Investigative Services

The Los Angeles Clippers are a multi-billion dollar asset. Private investigative services could swing the control of this asset and the future of an entire sports franchise. Just like Donald and Shelly Sterling did, you should hire a private investigator to give you an edge in your legal battles and help you prove your case in the courtroom.

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July 1, 2014
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