Employee Integrity

If you were able early on you may have enlisted the services of a good corporate investigation service company to perform some pre-employment screening.

Most of us were not provided the opportunity or given approval to use an investigative services company.

You can have a private investigator perform a real background check to help ferret out a potentially dishonest employee, someone who may have a history of employee fraud, or civil suits against previous employers.

If you are currently faced with a dishonest employee and need to have a good private investigative agency conduct a business investigation or a business surveillance, we can help tremendously.

Our expert surveillance investigators and experienced private detectives can monitor employee activity, gather important intelligence for you and even conduct employee interviews, and exit interviews. We regularly obtain signed declarations under the penalty of purgery.

We will discuss your concerns and provide options in a free, confidential consultation. We will help guide through the process if needed, and make logical suggestions based on our 30 years of experience as a private investigation company.

You should not put off a no obligation consultation while matters can continue to degrade and cost the company in more ways than you might think. Contact us today. Ask for Mike Garroutte.

Thank you.

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February 1, 2012
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