Even the FBI Can Mess Up! Accurate National Background Checks

Although everyone makes mistakes, some mistakes are much more costly than others. In most cases, being forthcoming with those mistakes significantly lessens the repercussions in comparison to lying about them or trying to keep them a secret. In either case, accurate national background checks are supposed to provide documented information to help decision makers make the best choice.

Unfortunately, not all complete background checks are created equally. In fact, it can take a considerable amount of time and effort to verify the results provided in a background check report are for the correct person being searched. Even the slightest discrepancy in name, spelling, or birth date can yield inaccurate results.

When making your decision for employment, about a cheating spouse, regarding a caretaker, or any other decision that involves the well-being and safety of your home or business, you should only use information that is provided by an accurate background check provider. Using large background check companies, or supposedly FREE background report services can yield less than desirable results.

Even the FBI struggles to maintain accurate background check records

According to a CNN report, "...inaccuracies in the FBI database mean that these [background] checks are blocking about 600,000 Americans a year from jobs for which they may be perfectly qualified." Considering the most important resource for a business is a highly-qualified employee, ensuring an accurate background check is vital. Even if you are not a business owner, an accurate background check that has been double checked is essential to you when making the most informed decision in regards to hiring an individual in question. Simply put, you cannot afford to base your decision on information that has not been checked and double checked. If you elect not to hire someone based on an inaccurate background check, it can lead to a background check-related lawsuit.

Bad Data = Bad Decisions. Trust your complete background check services to the experts

Whether you are a business owner, concerned significant other, or a parent hiring a nanny, using "Free" online background search services may cost you more than you originally considered. Under the faulty and incomplete information provided by these types of services, you can make decisions that are detrimentally costly. The problem with many of these companies that offer free background checks is that their process is completely automated and requires no type of verification. Ironically, you are depending on the data from an accurate background check to verify an individual's legitimacy. You shouldn't entrust someone to provide this information who doesn't use due diligence to ensure its accuracy. Simply put, when you have bad data, you are destined to make bad decisions.

The Best Source for an Accurate Background Check

The professionals at Linked Investigations offer over three decades of experience, not only conducting background checks, but verifying and double checking the information we uncover on those reports. We don't just turn over the first print out and send you an invoice. We will work carefully with you to make sure the information we obtain is as accurate as possible. As a result, a Linked Investigations' complete background check will empower you with the best possible data, so you can make the best possible decision for your personal and professional life.

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