Family law investigator for divorce attorneys

Divorce is never going to be pretty. Developing the strongest case possible can help to soften the blow though, and make the outcome as positive as possible. The contribution of a California private investigator can maximize the chances of ensuring the terms of a divorce meet your client's wishes.

If you are a family law attorney who needs assistance getting the evidence you and your clients needs to win, consider the benefits of hiring an experienced investigator.

Asset Searches: Because Information is Power

In any divorce involving contested custody or asset disputes, it is vital to have conclusive and documented evidence to back up a case. In particular, the kind of surveillance and experience a skilled family law PI can offer will invariably strengthen a client's case in divorce proceedings.

A California private investigator can conduct detailed asset searches, uncovering evidence of any discrepancies between the income a parent or partner discloses to the court and their actual financial circumstances. If, as occurs surprisingly often, an ex has moved in with a wealthy new partner while still demanding alimony, a PI can provide the necessary financial small print. In addition, detailed online research can usually uncover any concealed assets.

Use Surveillance Services & Complete Background Checks to Protect Child safety

In any divorce where children are involved, the emphasis is on the welfare of the children. Often the parents in a dispute make contradictory claims about how the kids are treated. In these circumstances, the evidence collected by a California private detective can be crucial.

Surveillance techniques will reveal any violations of court orders. These can include, for example, alcohol being consumed during a child's visit or a parent with joint custody farming a child out to daycare rather than offering the ex first right of refusal. This evidence can be vital in an acrimonious custody dispute, or in a case appealing a custody order.

The services of a private investigator can be significant in the matter of national criminal background checks. These procedures will reveal whether a new partner has any criminal convictions - particularly pertinent in the case of sexual offenses or drug or alcohol-related misdemeanors or felonies, which can have a substantial impact on a custody ruling. Private investigative services can help to form a detailed picture, also revealing whether unsuitable friends or relatives are habitually in proximity to children.

The value of experience

With over 30 years of experience dealing with divorce and family law-related cases, Linked Investigations can provide the kind of evidence, surveillance data and factual backup required to underpin a successful divorce case. Mike Garroutte is a licensed California Private Investigator whose services in the arena of family law have been useful state and nationwide. A free consultation will outline the services we offer. Contact us to discuss how our investigative services can benefit your clients.

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August 1, 2013
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