Financial Infidelity: Do I have a cheating spouse?

Financial Infidelity Can Be the First Sign of a Cheating Spouse

So many times when it turns out a partner is cheating, we find that financial infidelity was the first transgression.  What is financial infidelity?

Financial infidelity is when one spouse spends money, saves money, or gets a credit card without the other spouse knowing.  Regardless of whether individuals choose to keep separate accounts when they are married, the financial relationship should always transparent.  Once a spouse begins to hide money - or spending - from their spouse, they are committing financial infidelity.  And often, this can be the first sign that a husband or wife is having an affair.

CBS News out of Denver, found that women are guilty more often of financial infidelity.  They tend to have secret savings accounts and have stealthy ways of hiding their shopping sprees.  However, the report claims that men are more guilty of having secret credit cards and private PO boxes to receive the billing statements.

Priavate investigation companies know these secret credit cards can provide the proof that a suspicious spouse is looking for.  Credit cards are an easy way to hide the meals, hotel rooms, and gift purchases that are so commonly used by a cheating spouse when having an affair.

A Private Investigator + Cheating Spouse = Closure

If you suspect your spouse is cheating, but they continually deny it, it may be time to hire a private investigator.  A private detective, or an infidelity private investigator, can take the evidence you have and pair it with years of experience in the field in order to get the proof you need to catch a cheating spouse.  Surveillance services are a tried-and-true method for getting the pictures and/or video surveillance you need to confront a cheater.

Once you catch a cheater, you can make the decisions you need to with a clear mind.  As difficult as it is to confront, we find that our clients find relief when they finally know what is going on.  Regardless of the choices they make, they can have closure and move on with their lives.

It is always sad to see the betrayal, hurt, and anger that is caused by financial infidelity, or marital infidelity.  But as cliched as it may sound, truth really does light the way.

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May 1, 2012
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