Find a Person, Find Family and more.

As long-time private investigators we understand the many reasons our customers have for wanting to find a person.

Although our individual stories are different, many of us share a common thread. You need to find someone and you want to find them now if possible.

There are good methods to use when searching for a person. Most people know very little about the better methods used that produce real results.

Find Family

Find a person; find social security number, find date of birth and find a current address. These tasks can be vital if not daunting when we need to locate a missing person or find someone for any number of reasons.

When you have limited information, you may have limited access. A person who is trained in the area of finding people knows what to use, where to look and what can be a waste of time.

When a client of ours doesn't have some of the important pieces of identifying information typically needed to locate someone, we can still find them using our confidential and proprietary methods. We've been locating people for decades. Our proven techniques and long-time developed resources are valuable to us and our clients alike.

Find my Parents

  • Need to find a biological parent or siblings you have fallen out of contact with or haven't even met? Find anyone with a good private investigator.
  • Your chances of success are greater when you use a real and experienced private investigator that will use all of the tools at their disposal to obtain the best result.
  • The best private investigators know where to search and which of the many sources provide the most accurate and up-to-date information. Still, there's no guaranty even the best private eye will locate the subject of your search.
  • To give yourself and your efforts the best chance of finding an important person without spending too much time and too much money, search for experienced and licensed private investigators who honestly know how to find people. Chances are, you and your P.I. will find them and it won't cost too much.
  • Often times we need to do more than conduct research and cross-reference sources on-line. We may need to visit the last known place they were or reach out to family, co-workers and friends. We do this all of the time.
  • We are good at speaking with people and developing a level of comfort with them to derive the most useful information possible. We know what type of contact, if any, is appropriate in various circumstances, often from speaking with our clients and asking questions to get the best understanding of the situation. This enables us to be as effective as possible in the shortest amount of time. A good private investigator will do their best to limit your exposure and any discomfort for the parties involved.

Skip Trace - locate someone who has skipped-out

A 'skip-trace" refers to a search for someone who has skipped out, for lack of a better term. This industry term is widely used by finance companies, collection companies, insurance companies and repossession companies more than any other. Professional skip tracers do just that, they spend all day searching for debtors and people who have disappeared to avoid paying on loans. While this can be a trying job, skip tracers usually make commissions when they successfully locate someone who hasn't been easy to find.

  • Most private investigators work on a variety of cases which among others, includes locating people for any reason, not simply locating a skip for a debt.

We do find benefits in engaging the services of our reliable associates in the skip-trace only fields. We work with skip tracers who return fantastic results. This compliments our efforts and sometimes we have received results from a good skip tracer that led us to the subject of our investigation, even when our own efforts turned up lessor results. This is rare and is sometimes due to contacts they or we have that come and go, which produce mixed but effective results.

Should you have the need to find a person you've lost contact with, give us a call, visit our website or email us.

Mike Garroutte is a long-time private investigator who enjoys helping people get results.

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August 1, 2012
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