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National Asset Search and National Criminal Background Check

Any thorough background check or asset search should cover the entire United States to ensure you've checked all available sources and areas. If you know your person or business of interest has always been in one or two areas and not all over the country, it is important to let your private investigator know, but you should still have them search nationally to be safe. The difference in price for checking one or two states versus checking the country is negligible.

You may not know all the areas the assets, background records or criminal records are in. Misconceptions about what is actually available nationwide and whether a private investigator needs to be located in a particular city or state to conduct a thorough search are common. After all, how should you know what's actually available and who the best person is to get the information?

While there is still no product available that covers all jurisdictions in every burrow or city in every county in every state, the national background check and asset search products offered by our company are among the most complete, accurate and up-to-date, available to the public. Even the Police and Federal Government agencies miss records and information. The records are only as good and accurate as what was entered into the database of the entity submitting it. Sometimes incomplete or inaccurate information is entered in a computer someplace by a person. People make mistakes.

We access systems that are not directly available to the general public. We have several direct vendor agreements with companies having strengths in their particular area of information. We pool from the best, review and cross-check the information before you see it so you can rest. Be assured that we have provided you with the best information available to us at the time you made your request.

We have been providing the best private investigative services to our clients for over three decades now and have the ability and skill-set to get the best information whether it is in the form of an asset search , background check or surveillance services.

Our national criminal background check is top notch and covers every available county in the United States.

If you believe the information you are seeking may be in a county that doesn't provide records to investigators on-line, we will check this for you at no charge and if the county doesn't provide it in our on-line search services, we can have one of our private investigative agents travel to the court location and pull the actual case record, review it and have copies made for you in short order.

Our prices for all of these services are not expensive. We will be happy to quote you a price during a free, no-obligation consultation.

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  • Surveillance services
  • Infidelity investigation
  • Child custody investigations
  • Child support enforcement
  • Divorce investigations
  • Elder abuse investigation and more.
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