Find Out How Asset Search Services Can Increase Child Support

Child support is a completely moving target based on how much the parent earns, their potential earnings, as well as monies saved, assets owned, etc. It can be incredibly difficult to prove to the courts that your child's parent has more than s/he is claiming unless you can provide the courts with bona fide evidence. If you feel an increase in your child support payment is warranted, it might be time to cut to the chase and hire a private investigator to run an asset search.

Asset Search Services May Increase Your Child Support Payment

There are all types of ways that people can hide their money and assets. They can work under the table and never claim the earnings to the IRS. They can put money in off-shore accounts in countries with lax financial regulations. Property transfers can be made to a "business" in order to make it look like the property no longer belongs to them.

There are also circumstances where people are unaware they even have assets, such as a valuable baseball card or costume jewelry collection, art pieces, or that vintage car that which been passed down in the family. Regardless of the situation, a licensed private investigator has several methods for using asset search services to locate money or assets your child's parent doesn't want you - or the courts - to know about.

Asset Search California. If your spouse lives here in the state of California, investigators can use an asset search to search public and online records to see if anything tuns up. If not, no worries. We can use the information you provide to run an asset check nationally or globally to try to find what you suspect is out there. The digital era has made it more convenient to run an accurate asset check however, you have to know exactly what you are doing and you need to have relationships with the most professional data bases in the industry so you can trust your results are accurate.

Surveillance Services. When it comes to child custody and/or family law services, people often forget how effective surveillance services can be. A good child custody surveillance investigator can be the key to providing admissible evidence for many child custody cases. Private investigators often use surveillance as a part of their asset search services. When it comes to increasing child support, surveillance services can be used to verify a person's place of employment, how often they work, or even their visits to a bank or ATM. If your ex-spouse claims they are unemployed, or working part-time, good surveillance videos, photos, and a professional written report by a licensed private investigator can be all the evidence the judge needs to change everything. Your child support could double, triple, or quadruple with a single decision from the court.

Complete Background Check. A background check can also be used as part of your Child custody asset search services. "Imputed income" is a term to represent what a person could be earning, rather than what they are actually earning. Say your ex-spouse is a lawyer who socked away a stash of money (time to run an asset check!) but now s/he is working as a waiter at a local restaurant. Or worse, s/he isn't working at all. The courts can look at the big picture and say that the individual's earning potential - or imputed income - is actually worth more than they are bringing in. Then the judge can increase your child support payments using that figure. A complete background check can help to you present solid evidence to the courts regarding your exes educational background, employment history, asset purchase/sales transactions, etc. which may cause the judge to increase the imputed income amount.

Hire a private investigator to increase child support payments

When you hire a private investigator to assist you with your child custody case, s/he will be can discuss your situation and recommend the best combination of asset search services to help increase your child support payments. Your lawyer will be thrilled to have professional evidence for an objective party to submit on your behalf. Plus, when you hire a private investigator it can wind up saving you hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars in lawyer expenses and court fees because your case can be put together right the first time in a timely manner.

Consider using asset search services to increase your child support payments and let us know how it goes. We would like to hear from you.

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, is a private investigator in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. He has provided affordable asset search services for family lawyers and Child Custody cases since 1982. Contact Linked Investigations for more information on how an asset check may help to increase your child custody payment.

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December 1, 2012
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