For Men Only! Is My Wife Having an Affair? - Part 1

It must be one of the single most difficult questions to face. More than women, men don't think this could happen in their marriage. After all, we're the Alpha Dogs right? Most people think that if anyone will cheat, it will be the man.

Most of us put women on a sort of pedestal, we were raised to and we think our lady would never have an affair. She is ours, we married her. Usually, marriages work out very well.

How can my wife be cheating on me?

We work hard to make our mark, find a special woman to love and raise our kids with and ride off into the sunset. But then something unexpected happens, maybe we hit hard times or better still, work way too much to avoid hard times, neglect our family time and all of a sudden things get a bit dicey.

Most guys get a bit complacent or arrogant, perhaps a little too comfortable in their marriage, especially when we find success. Some men even have a "mommy" complex when it comes to our wife, she could never leave us, never cheat.

When we hit a low ebb in our marriage it seems our mate doesn't hold on to the good feelings and memories we've created and shared, some focus on the worst times. Once they get it in their head, good luck getting back in their good graces. That takes some real work.

Signs of a Cheating Wife

The same scenarios run true whether a wife is cheating or a husband is cheating. Cheaters may stop for a while when they get caught but you'll probably see some time down the road, most of them reconnect with the same lover or begin another sordid affair when the opportunity presents itself.

Most women don't just want a discreet affair, at least not for very long. Most women fall in love with the other guy for obvious reasons and the guy's unusual ability to listen. An unhappy wife may even resent you for making them do it.

They not only fall out of love but they can get very, very vindictive and nasty. Women who cheat can be very good liars. I've seen this hundreds of times.

Is My Wife Having an Affair?

In my thirty years of experience as a private investigator in Southern California, I can actually say I've seen pretty much everything. With having conducted thousands of surveillances to catch cheating spouses we can get the information you need to move in the best direction for you.

As difficult as it may be, you need to stand up and find out what's really going on. Do some damage control. Who can you trust? Who can you talk with and not be embarrassed?

  • Some of her friends may know what's going on.
  • Does she have a male "Just Friends" friend?
  • Her family may know more than they let on.
  • Anyone you confide in may talk, either to gossip or because they think they are going to help matters, when in fact they turn an already difficult situation into a real problem.

To read more on Is My Wife Having An Affair, visit Part two of this blog on Is My Wife Having an affair or contact us to get answers now. Call me, ask for Mike Garroutte. We'll help you.

Remember, only you can address this and resolve the issues in your marriage. By contacting a good private investigator who regularly works in this area of investigations, you will be headed in the right direction. We will discuss your situation with you and keep it confidential. We will answer all of your questions, provide you with our fees for the services we provide and, if you hire us we will get you answers and proof. Ask about the many related investigative services we can offer.

Before you hire any private investigator in California we strongly suggest you visit the state's website at This is the Department of Consumer Affairs' Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. This is the agency bureau that licenses and oversees Private Investigators, security guards, lock smiths and some other professionals in California.

Please feel free to check us out with the state. You can check by using the business name Linked Investigations or the license number. Our license number is 15568. We have provided a button with an internal link that brings you right to the page of the state's website to check an investigator's license.

If you have any trouble we will be happy to help. Our consultations are private, free and without obligation.

Mike Garroutte is a licensed California private investigator. He is the owner of Linked Investigations in Costa Mesa, California. He has been a private investigator based in Orange County, California for over thirty years.

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June 2, 2013
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