General David Petraeus' extra-marital affair with Paula Broadwell

General David Petraeus has been involved in at least one extra marital affair. The most public, with the writer of his book, ALL IN, Paula Broadwell. General David Petraeus resigned in disgrace from the CIA.

An FBI investigation revealed inappropriate communications and potentially dangerous national security oversights. The investigation has not resulted in criminal charges at this time, but General Petraeus has already tendered his resignation and stepped away from his position as top man at the Central Intelligence Agency.

David Petraeus - Paula Broadwell

David Petraeus, a married man, was involved in an on-going extra marital affair with Paula Broadwell, a married woman, and possibly at least one other married woman.

Has this had a dramatic effect on his future in politics, on the future of his marriage? Of course it has, and this will continue to follow him for many years to come. David Patraeus' wife, Holly, is said to be outwardly angry. Initial reports had Holly Petraeus saying she felt, in-part, to blame. Those statements seem to be lost now and we are only hearing of her outrage.

General Petraeus is a highly decorated four star General, and until November 7, 2012, the top person at Central Intelligence. His leadership was vital to much of the success in the conflicts in the Middle-East, involving the United States. General David Petraeus has found himself in the middle of a self-made desert storm.

CIA Director David Petraeus, head of the Central Intelligence Agency, was not using his god given brain. He is human of course, but the position he put himself, his wife, his family, friends, associates, his girlfriend, her husband and most importantly, his country in, showed a tremendous lack of judgment.

This was so obvious to all involved; CIA, FBI, and Petraeus himself, that the first thing he did upon learning there would be little wiggle room, was to step down and resign. That was a smart move and the right thing to do.

Is My Wife Having an affair?

Not much good can be said of Paula Broadwell. A married woman with such a bright future, her implied intelligence, her success and background, to have such a selfish and insensitive lack of compassion for the wife of a married man, and her own husband, and more importantly, the security and well-being of the United States of America. Information is now out that Paula Broadwell was in possession of classified documents. Broadwell has admitted to removing the documents from government property.

Paula Broadwell went so far as to send intimidating emails to yet another woman, Jill Kelley - also married, who is also believed to have been involved with the General and has now hired Monica Lewinski's previous representative. "Stay away from my man", one email said, thus, kicking off an FBI investigation. General David Petraeus had ordered Paula Broadwell to stop emailing Jill Kelley. Oh, what a tangled web we weave!

Paula Broadwell's poor judgment speaks volumes of her character and should be considered when she is to be considered for any positions of importance.

The country has benefitted by men and women with talent such as that of David Petraeus, and will continue to do so. Men and women filling these high profile and extremely sensitive jobs, need to exercise diligence and keep to the highest of standards at all times, if not only when in office.

We have few role models in politics, but we are in no short supply of examples of infidelity at the top and everywhere in between. Most of these examples, from Presidents on down, use lies to cover their tracks, which usually causes a much uglier and more painful result for all.

Whatever the real reason for General David Petraeus resigning; pressure from the FBI, CIA, administration, or by Petraeus' owning-up without being compelled by others, we are now faced with replacing him and filling one of the most important positions in the country.

What's wrong when we have to wake up and read headlines like this?

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, General David Petraeus, a man with a phenomenal record of service to his county, resigned today as a result of the FBI investigation which found General Petraeus had been involved in an extra marital affair with Paula Broadwell, who was with him constantly and was writing his memoirs, documenting and establishing his legacy and exercising daily with him while in Kabul.

Damaging and revealing emails, of a threatening nature sent by Paula Broadwell to another woman about David Petraeus raised suspicion. One wonders whose idea it was to name the book "All In". We should be thankful for the FBI.

The breaking of this story just three days after the election seems very timely. When was the information of David Petraeus' affair with Paula Broadwell known and when did the administration know Petraeus would tender his resignation?

This administration has been shadowed by recent accusations and evidence of stalling and not being forthcoming with regard to the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya and the murder of four people there, among others.

General Petraeus reportedly had wanted to stay in his position but after speaking with others, he resigned. Petraeus was scheduled to testify about the Benghazi incident next week.

In light the General Petraeus story breaking at this time, it seems he may not testify at the hearing about the facts surrounding the administration's knowledge, and whether they intentionally held back information.

We have been told the CIA and State Department had notified the administration very early on about Benghazi.

As of Wednesday, November 14, 2012, General David Petraeus is scheduled to testify this week as originally planned. What will General Petraeus say in the closed door hearing? Will we ever learn the truth?

How often is this behavior going to continue? Will any truth come forward about the incidents and the coincidence of information coming out days late?

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Recent update in related story out on November 19, 2012.

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November 1, 2012
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