Getting Back Together With a Cheating Spouse? Do Your Homework First!

In a recent article in Xpos Entertainment, it was suggested that Chris Martin, the lead singer for Coldplay, has regrets about his breakup with Gwyneth Paltrow, his wife of 11 years. Martin's lyrics have always been considered ?confessional,? and his album, ?Ghost Stories? reveals emotional pain due to infidelity. Some of the lyrics indicate he believes there's hope:

I don't want nobody else but you. Call it magic. Cut me in two. If you were to ask me, after all that we've been through, I'd still believe in magic.

Love is a powerful feeling, but sometimes - compulsion - wins out. If you have caught your spouse cheating in the past, or you were suspiscious that he or she was cheating before you called it quits, we highly recommend doing your homework to make sure they're being faithful before you decide to reconcile.

Did you catch a cheating spouse? Beware before agreeing to reconcile.

It's easy for two people who have a shared history to entertain the idea of getting back together. If you?re considering getting back together with a spouse who cheated in the marriage, we recommend that before you make that big decision, you hire a private investigator to check up on the reality of the present situation - especially if your ex-husband or wife has lied to you in the past.

Using surveillance services, a private investigator can see whether your ex-spouse is having other relationships you don't know about. We can see what he or she is up to before you decide to get back together. This will either give you the peace of mind to move forward in the relationship, or prevent future heartache if we discover that your ex is still being unfaithful.

Another useful resource we offer is an asset search. Asset searches allow us to see whether your ex has purchased any big-ticket items or opened credit card accounts while you?ve been separated. It's always good to know what the real financial picture is before you re-integrate your finances.

Decisions like whether or not to get back together can be complicated because of the emotions involved. By calling on a professional private investigator to help, you?re saving yourself the agony of making a decision you might later regret. Of course, our hope is for the happiest of outcomes in the results of our surveillance and asset search services -- that your ex is telling you the truth, and you can reunite with confidence.

Interested in learning more about how a private investigator in Los Angeles can help you determine whether your spouse or ex-partner is being honest in their intentions? Contact Linked Investigations. Our investigative services have provided peace of mind for more than thirty years.

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April 1, 2014
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