Google Can't Always Find Someone. A Licensed P.I. Can!

Search engines are often the the first place people turn when they want to locate a person. Unfortunately, the results can be incredibly frustrating. An Orange county private investigator, who is experienced in finding family members, lost friends, and skip tracing, can be your greatest ally.

Are you trying to locate a person using Google or another major search engine? In today's world, search engines have become modern versions of the old school phone directory only, unlike phone directories, search engines give you access to people all over the world. The problem is the results can be complicated, erroneous, out dated, or they don't pertain to the person you're trying to locate. This is when a private investigator, experienced at locating missing persons, can step in and quickly find the person you are looking for.

Trying to locate a person using search engines can be futile

At first, a search engine seems like the perfect way to locate a person who you have lost touch with; how many John Smith's could be living in Southern California anyway, right? So, you begin your online search engine query. You may want to find family members who you have not spoken with in years. You may have a close family member like a father, mother, sibling, or child who has moved away and has not been in contact. Maybe you want to get in touch with your first love. The reasons for wanting to find someone are endless. The problem is that the results you turn up online can be equally endless. An experienced Private Investigator can help you find someone quickly, and without the seemingly infinite search results that can take months to sift through.

Search engines are not the way to find people who have gone missing from your life. Think about the following:

  • Search engines will return a list of everyone with that name, or something similar, from around the world.
  • They often return scant personal information, but not enough for a good identification.
  • Search engine results often produce out dated results that lead you on wild goose chases.
  • Search engines do not have human reasoning and deduction capabilities, let alone the instincts required, to follow hot leads and suss out the good information from the bad.

If you are looking for a missing child, wanting someone to "find my father" or "find my mother," or to locate the missing love of your life, you need an Orange County private investigator to help complete your missing persons search. A private investigator can track down people using private databases and court documents that a search engine doesn't have access too. An investigator has reasoning and deductive capabilities a search engine does not.

Hire an Orange County Private Investigator when you need to locate a person

More than 3 million people alone call Orange County home, and we are just one of the many counties that comprise Southern California. Trying to find someone in that sea of people is a challenge. So, imagine what it's like when you are trying to locate a person who could be anywhere across the United States, or who may have moved outside the country. This is why you need an Orange County private investigator to help you.

Ideally, we like to have all the information you know about the person you are trying to find, including their name, last known address, personal information, and any other family or friends who are close to them, or who they may still be in contact with. Don't have all of this information? No worries! We can take a little bit of information and produce surprisingly powerful results! You give us the information and a licensed P.I. does the rest. Our services are surprisingly affordable

Are you ready to find someone at long last? Contact Linked Investigations. Owner, Mike Garroutte is a licensed Orange County private investigator who has helped to reunite hundreds of individuals looking to locate a person they had lost touch with. Let us help facilitate your next reunion.

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June 1, 2013
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