Got A Difficult California Divorce Case? A Private Investigator Can Help

Lawyers are some of the busiest and hardest-working professionals in our society. Attorneys with large caseloads rely on several kinds of people for assistance: their secretaries, paralegals, and even technological devices and tools that help them do their work. There is another valuable partner that attorneys can rely on for assistance, especially when it comes to California divorce cases: a private investigator.

Why is a private investigator a worthwhile hire for attorneys? There are several reasons, but primarily because of their skill at conducting investigations that support the work lawyers do in divorce cases. Specifically, a private investigator will be able to help you gather evidence for your case.

Why Use A Private Investigator for Family Law Matters?

It is true that the police may be able to help your law office find evidence, but their services only go so far. Without an official search warrant or court order, the police have a very limited reach. On the other hand, private investigators are allowed to go to any public place or keep an eye on any individual, as long as they are not breaking any laws or trespassing on private property. Even if the police do get a search warrant to examine an individual or an organization, not many people will be willing to talk to a uniformed police officer knocking on their door or showing up at their workplace.

What exactly can a private investigator do to help your law firm with divorce cases? Several things:

  • Surveillance services in southern California: an experienced private investigator is one that has conducted a large number of surveillance operations in the past. These kinds of private investigators will help you track down persons of interest in your case and see what they have been doing. Surveillance evidence is very powerful in the courtroom to prove a client's spouse is making money not claimed on court documents, is participating in illegal activities, is violating court orders or is an unfit parent for child custody.
  • Taking statements or declarations: in complicated divorce cases, there can be a large number of witnesses that must be called upon. Will you really have time to talk to every single one and get a statement from them? Instead of this tedious task, you could simply choose to hire a private investigator to take down this information and provide you with a concise, accurate summary. Private investigators can also present these statements in court, which will serve as a strong piece of evidence for your case
  • Serving Papers: Private investigator are experts at finding people and tracking them down, as well as serving divorce documents and other legal papers.

As a lawyer, you have a duty to provide the best quality services that you can to your clients. Why not do what you can to lighten this burden while also giving you a better chance at winning your cases? A proficient private investigator is just the person to hire so that you can get the information that you need to provide the best quality services that you can for your current and future clients.

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, is a licensed California Private Investigator. Over the past three decades, his private investigative services have helped family law experts prove their clients' testimonies using sound photo footage and video surveillance as well as professionally documented reports. Contact Linked Investigations today and partner up with a private investigator who will help to simplify your complicated divorce cases.


Published on: 
November 12, 2014
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