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If someone you love has gone missing, contact a missing persons investigator.

When a loved one goes missing, you contact the police. That is a logical first instinct. The police department will send an officer, take down the details and open an investigation. Anyone who has ever had a five minute bar conversation with a cop though will know that a department's resources are limited. Police deploy officers according to a strict order of priorities and trying to locate a missing person can often get bumped down the line. If officers meet dead ends in their initial investigation, it can soon be sidelined into the cold cases file.

For that reason, from the outset you need to be cool, rational and practical. In many cases, hiring a Private Investigator will greatly increase your chance to locate a missing person quickly.

Act fast, act decisively; Hire a Los Angeles Private Investigator

In a missing persons investigation, speed is of the essence. A dedicated Los Angeles Private Investigator can be on the trail within hours of you reporting a missing person. The PI will often have access to the kinds of contacts and avenues of investigation that are not readily available to police officers. Notably, when a degree of criminality could be involved in a disappearance, key witnesses are usually more willing to open up to a private investigator, while they might have their own reasons for clamming up in the presence of a police uniform. We have had witnesses give us full paragraphs of testimony after telling police officers the didn't know anything. We can often gain the trust that well-meaning police officers can't.

Experience and creative lines of investigative procedure count for a great deal when trying to locate a missing person. There are recognized lines of inquiry and then there are the less-obvious methods that can often prove more productive. Los Angeles private investigators with a history of locating missing persons have developed their own effective investigative techniques and contact networks that can make a breakthrough even when the trail seems cold. Allied to sophisticated use of new technology, time-tested PI work can deliver results that are beyond the capabilities of hard-pressed police departments.

Put your trust in an experienced, licensed missing persons investigator

Linked Investigations offers over 30 year of experience in tracing and locating missing persons for a range of reasons, including finding vital witnesses, lost family members and the homeless. They will work closely with clients and provide a meticulous and sensitive service to help locate a missing person. A complimentary consultation is the first step to being reunited with that loved one.

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July 1, 2013
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