Have You Considered Hiring a Child Custody Investigator?

Wondering how to win child custody?

Enlist the help of a private investigator so you can protect the health and well-being of your children. A child custody investigator can get the evidence you need to strengthen your case in court.

A custody battle can be the toughest fight of your life. It can take you unawares, and, if you are unprepared for your court case, it can end in heartbreak. To ensure you make your strongest case,  the services of a child custody investigator can be essential.

In times of economic uncertainty, it's a harsh truth that divorce rates go up.  If you are facing a split with a spouse, or the parent of your children, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by the events. Emotions run high during a contested custody battle, so it can be vital to have a cool-headed divorce and child custody investigator as an ally who can help you find and collate all the evidence that will help you to win a favorable outcome.

Custody laws vary in details from state to state, but a child custody investigator can identify your strongest arguments and gather the evidence required to present them powerfully. For mothers seeking custody, this can involve proving that the father:

  • Is unable, or unwilling, to provide financial support for the child.
  • Neglects the child when placed in a position of parental responsibility.
  • Has anger or violence issues that can put the child in danger.
  • Has addictions to alcohol or drugs that make him unsuitable to be in a role of parental responsibility.
  • May be planning to take the child outside the state or local area.
  • Associates with criminals, addicts, or people who could endanger the child.

Fathers attempting to obtain custody rights invariably have a tougher case to prove, as many family court decisions are weighted to favor mothers. A child custody investigator can be very effective in this situation, organizing discreet surveillance of the mother, and collating evidence that:

  • The mother is neglectful or leaves the child unattended.
  • The mother has a new partner who is unsuitable to be in  a position of parental responsibility to the child, or even to be in proximity to children.
  • The mother is exposing the child to unsuitable associates or environments.

A child custody investigator can follow several lines of inquiry which can uncover crucial evidence for a custody case. These include :

  • Complete Background checks for financial and criminal information
  • Video Surveillance Services to reveal any neglect or abuse of the child, and witness interviews of friends and neighbors to get a picture of any suspicious behavior that could support your custody claim.
  • Asset Searches to fill in missing gaps that could assist you in increasing child support payments.

Hire a Los Angeles Child Custody Investigator to Uncover the Facts

People who are in the throes of divorce are rarely in a position to make a cool and rational assessment of their position. Your ex may have numerous secrets that could affect the security and happiness of your child. In these circumstances, the role of the child custody investigator is to furnish you, and your legal team, with the facts that will serve as the ammunition for your case.

Family disputes are inevitably painful and difficult, and the priority must be the welfare of the child. A child custody investigator needs to have considerable sensitivity and experience to be effective.

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations has 30 years' worth of experience dealing with delicate family law issues, and has worked closely with divorce and custody attorneys. His approach is personal and practical, looking to help people tackle a tough situation with confidence. The chances are that he or his divorce custody investigator team have seen similar situations to yours many times before, and know the most effective way to approach your case.

A free and confidential consultation allows a divorce custody investigator to identify a suitable line of investigation. It can be the first step to finding a satisfactory solution to your child custody nightmare, and the beginning to getting on with your life.

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June 1, 2013
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