Hire a California Private Investigator Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney

Did you know hiring a California private investigator before you hire a divorce attorney can save you thousands of dollars? The more solid, credible information you have up front, the more efficiently your divorce lawyer will be able to put your case together. Plus, your divorce attorney will thank you because you come to the table with documented, court admissible evidence that can help you secure child custody, increase your alimony or child support payments, and/or maximum child support payments. When you hire a private investigator, s/he can use multiple investigative services that can make a difference in the outcome of your case.

Prepare for Divorce - Use a Private Investigator to Serve Divorce Papers

Do you need someone to serve divorce papers? A private investigator will serve papers so you don't have to. This can be especially beneficial when your spouse is purposely evading you, or has neglected to sign USPS Return Receipts. The right private detective will ensure your divorce papers are serves as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Use a Complete Background Check Before Your Divorce

When you hire a private investigator, s/he can do a complete background check on your partner or anyone s/he is now involved with. The information you turn up may help you determine how to win custody. It could be that your ex has a criminal past that was unbeknownst to you. Perhaps the person s/he is dating has a criminal past, is a previous sex offender, or is a danger to your children. The more information you have before you meet with your lawyer, the better organized your case will be, and the less you will have to pay in legal fees.

Run an Accurate Asset Search to Increase Child Support or Alimony

An asset search, also called an asset check, can help you in cases where your spouse may be hiding what s/he is worth in order to minimize the child support or alimony payments. If you know, or strongly suspect, that your partner is lying to the lawyers and/or the courts, hire a private investigator to run an accurate asset search. Using specialized data bases, an experienced private investigator can figure out if there are assets your ex is not disclosing.

Be aware: Many online companies often advertise "Free Asset Searches." Unfortunately, they are often very loosely done and will provide inaccurate or outdated information which will not help your case. Spending a little money now for a professional asset search will ensure the information is as accurate as possible.

Hire a Surveillance Investigator to Get the Evidence You Need for Your Divorce Case

Many people neglect the importance of surveillance services when it comes to getting crucial evidence for their case. Do you suspect a cheating spouse? Is your husband or wife doing drugs? Are they hiding the fact they are an alcoholic? This can be hard for you to prove in court without solid proof. An experienced private investigator can get picture and video footage, in addition to complete professional reports, which your lawyer can use as evidence.

Lawyer fees add up quickly. The more work they do by working the find the evidence themselves, the more money you will have to pay. Often, our clients pay thousands of dollars in legal fees, only to have to hire a private detective to get the information they need before their lawyer can proceed. Our affordable investigative services will ensure you come to your lawyer prepared, saving you money in unnecessary legal fees.

For more information about how a California Private Investigator can improve your chances in divorce court, contact Linked Investigations.

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, has been a professional California private investigator since 1982. The evidence he uncoveres helps his clients to strengthen their court cases, and get the court ordered payments they are entitled to. Please give us a call if you feel we can help. 1-877-464-5374

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March 1, 2013
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