Making The Right Choice About Advanced Background Checks

Background check accuracy matters. That’s why it’s important to hire a private investigator when you need an advanced background check.

We all understand the economy isn’t at its best right now. Many of us are forced to choose affordability over quality until things improve. However, it is important to avoid using price as the sole determining factor for a service as crucial as a background check.  

Some people may choose to use an inexpensive, high-volume, commercial background check company to quickly access information about an individual without having to pay very much of their hard-earned money. They are likely attracted to a high-volume, retail-type background check provider because of the low initial cost and some assurance of the answers they seek behind the next click of the mouse. Unfortunately, these services are usually inferior to those provided by an experienced, licensed private investigator. An experienced state-licensed private investigator understands the best methods to obtain the most accurate information for their clients.

What’s Wrong with Free and Low-Cost Background Check Services

Some nationally advertised low-cost background check service companies market their services to customers that are looking for detailed information. They claim to offer quick background checks for a reasonable price. At first glance, these big box companies seem like the perfect solution for businesses or individuals seeking to learn the truth about people in their lives. However, there are some glaring problems with these free and low-cost options that might make you think twice before choosing them.

Level of Detail and Interpretation: Most of the time, when you use a background check service, you’ll be provided with the bare minimum details of a person’s record. These records are often incomplete, inaccurate, or out of date. The company will not--or can’t--delve deeply into what the records mean or how the information relates specifically to your unique situation. At Linked Investigations, we do our best to ensure our clients understand the information we uncover. We are happy to provide detailed explanations in our complimentary follow-up phone call and make any recommendations for next steps, if needed, based on what we find.

Customer Service: If you have a problem with your quick and easy background check, it may be difficult to get in touch with someone for help. The nationally-advertised, commercial, high-volume, cookie-cutter style background check companies almost never provide follow-up customer service as part of their profit margin. When you get a background check with Linked Investigations, you can be sure that you are working with a licensed, experienced private investigator with decades of real experience as a licensed investigator, who can answer questions and provide real-time assistance as needed. You are provided options and suggestions in the beginning, status updates during the process if needed, and in-depth follow up after the search has been completed. You work with the same case manager—the company owner—through the entire process. Satisfied clients are our goal.

Upselling:  Why gamble to save a few dollars for information this important? You will most likely be disappointed with a quick discount background check. How much money do you want to waste? If you decide to purchase a limited background check package, at the lowest cost to save money, you may be opening yourself up to upselling tactics. You are often prompted to “click here for more information.” Your provider may use this to try and get more money from you by selling services that you might not need, hiding information behind a paywall, or by soliciting additional business once the task is complete. At Linked Investigations, we provide background check services with zero hidden fees or surprise charges. You will always know what you are paying for. We tell you what we can and cannot find in our free phone consultations before you decide to spend a penny. This is much more productive and, in the end, more cost-effective.

Why Hire A Private Investigator Over A Background Check Company?

Confidentiality is important. Having an informative conversation with a private investigator will be more valuable than canvassing the internet in search of the solution. Too much time and money can be wasted before most people think to at least consult with a couple private eyes. There are many qualified and licensed investigators in your area and abroad. This can save time, point you in the right direction, and develop the richest information available. A good private investigator can complete your background check in a timely manner. He or she can work closely with you and provide updates as needed. Most competent private investigators can interpret the results of the background check for you.

Whether for a company or an individual, a good background check is an invaluable tool. Hiring a knowledgeable private investigator ensures that you receive dependable, timely results on your next background check. We encourage you to conduct searches for qualified private investigators online, and check whether there are any reviews for the private investigator. You can check with the state the investigator is in to confirm he or she is licensed and whether they are in good standing.

Contact Linked Investigations to speak with an experienced licensed private investigator about your background check. Mike Garroutte has been a private investigator since 1982, and is licensed in the state of California.  If you need the help of a qualified private investigator with your unique situation, reach out to us for a discreet, no obligation consultation. You may decide to keep our company in your contacts list for years to come!

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