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Alongside the camera, laptop and surveillance equipment, discretion is one of the most important elements in the armory of a Beverly Hills Private Investigator. In cases where a degree of sensitivity is involved, which, let's face it, means most of them, the experienced PI has to be acutely aware of the importance of privacy. This is particularly pertinent where the client has a public profile, whether as a celebrity, sportsperson or politician. A valuable PI is in the same position as a doctor, lawyer or even a priest: client confidentiality is a cornerstone of the profession.

Any investigation, whether related to divorce, family matters, business or financial assets, is likely to uncover material that could be potentially embarrassing or damaging if it gained wider currency. A professional PI will be alert to the dangers and manage the client's business in a discreet and confidential manner, ensuring that the client's privacy is protected at all times.

Value Your Security and sensitivity? So does a top Beverly Hills Private Investigator

The relationship between a PI and a client is one that relies on a degree of trust, given the kinds of information that a thorough investigation will uncover. The average client will not be familiar with the detailed mechanics of an investigation, the surveillance and research techniques involved, and might be concerned at the amount of potentially damaging material an investigation can uncover. In these circumstances it is imperative that a client can trust their PI to act sensitively and ethically.

Please Note: If you have hired a private investigator, and feel like you are being taken advantage of in terms of billing, or services rendered, trust your gut instincts. A trustworthy private investigator should have detailed reports and accountability for all man hours and investigative services used for your case. You should always understand exactly what is being done uncover the evidence you need, and every dollar should be accounted for.

Some clients may also be unaware or unsuspecting of potential breaches of privacy, particularly in the digital age when sensitive information can be copied with a few keystrokes. A professional Beverly Hills Private Investigator can provide invaluable advice on methods of keeping material private and preventing it falling into the wrong hands, alerting clients if they believe that sensitive material is inadequately protected or vulnerable to exposure. We can also make sure your home, car, office, and other sacred ground is free from electronic eavesdropping devices.

Trust an experienced Private Corporate Investigator

Before you hire a Beverly Hills private investigator, take the time to hire an investigative firm that is experienced in the type of investigative services you need. While experience and a good track record are important, it's equally important that you feel comfortable working with the private investigator you hire. He will have access to sensitive information about you and/or your business.

Whether you need the services of Corporate Investigator to assist you in your business dealings, or require a private investigator for more personal reasons, we always provide our services with the utmost discretion and respect for our clients.

Hire a Licensed Private Investigator

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations has more than 30 years of experience in private investigative services, and demonstrates a keen understanding of the importance of discretion, client confidentiality and sensitive treatment of information. A free consultation with a Beverly Hills Private Investigator is the starting point for a thoroughly professional investigation.

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July 1, 2013
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