How Can You Tell if a Medium is Real or Fake?

The Long Island Medium Vs. Roy Tribble - Medium Real or Fake

If you are even a casual fan of television, you have probably heard of Theresa Caputo, also known as the Long Island Medium. Caputo stars in a reality show on the TLC television network where she claims to be able to communicate with the spirits of those who have passed on. On television, she is usually depicted communicating with the deceased relatives of fans, often to put them at ease about some unsolved circumstances of the relative's death. How can you tell if a Medium Real or Fake?

However, as is the case with a large number of mediums, Caputo's claims have been met with some skepticism. One of the loudest skeptics has been Roy Tribble, a fraud investigator based out of Richmond, Virginia. Tribble even set up a web site devoted to spreading information about the Long Island Medium's illegitimacy.

The Arguments On Either Side of the Fraud Investigation of a Medium Real or Fake

Tribble and others who criticize Caputo claim that her television show is selectively edited to only show clips of Caputo getting her communications right. On his website, Tribble maintains that Caputo displays the classic signs of cold reading, a practice where people make educated guesses about those that they are interacting with based on context clues and things that they overhear. Tribble and other critics of Caputo have posted clips of her on television shows where she is shown making incorrect readings.

On the other side of the coin, Theresa Caputo has consistently refuted these claims. She says that she has nothing to prove and is only out to help her clients. Caputo is respectful of their suspicion but consistently downplays it. Her show on TLC has historically been one of the most popular in its timeslot.

How Private Investigators Help Get To The Bottom Of Fraud

Whatever side you are on when it comes to the debate about Theresa Caputo or mediums in general, it is important to remember the role that private investigators can play in solving these kinds of issues. How exactly can a skilled private investigator in Los Angeles or other area help you catch a fraud or scammer?

  • Advanced background check services: One of the telltale signs of a scammer or fraudulent individual is a previous criminal history. If you are approached by someone that is claiming to offer a particular service or is asking you for money, a background check can be an excellent way to tell whether or not they are legitimate. If the person has a criminal record, especially one that involves fraud crimes, it is probably best to avoid them
  • Interviewing a witness: On his web site, Tribble says he interviewed a close family friend of Theresa Caputo who claims that her readings are fraudulent. A private investigator in Orange County can do a great deal to help you catch a fake by talking to other people that have been involved in some way with them, just like Tribble claims to have done with people close to Caputo
  • Reference checks. Sure, people can falsify references, listing family members or friends whom they have enlisted to perpetuate the scam. However, when a private investigator calls to chat with references, odds are that any "fakers" will be brought to task when they are caught in inconsistent stories or lies.

Hire the right type of private investigator and you can get a much clearer picture about whether or not someone is a sham, whether they claim to be able to talk with the dead or simply want you to part with some of your hard-earned money.

Contact Linked Investigations, 714-432-9911, to start an advanced background check or fraud investigation on some you suspect is a suspicious medium, psychic or scammer. We'll find out the truth.

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November 12, 2014
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