How is Your College Student Spending the College Fund? Linked Investigations Surveillance Services

School's back in session and that means your darling daughters and sons will dutifully return to their college or university of choice. Once they are settled back in to their dorm or apartment, they'll go back to their day-to-day routine of classes, work, a little socializing. But wait! Maybe you need Linked Investigations Surveillance Services.

Do they actually go to class?

Are they really showing up to work?

What the heck are they doing with all that money you give them anyway?!?

Our surveillance services have often indicated otherwise. If you suspect your college fund isn't being spent the way it was intended, it might be time to hire an experienced surveillance investigator to see which way your money is flowing.

Hire a surveillance investigator to find out if your college student is being honest

Times have changed. A college education comes at premium prices, and it's the parents who most commonly foot the bill. In most cases, this is money well spent. However, there are times where children let their lives get a little out of hand. Pretty soon, the college loan money is being spent on high-tech gadgets and your monthly allowance is being poured right into the keg.

While you envision the picture at the top right, this picture may look more like the real situation:

And, that probably isn't what you had in mind when you decided to fork out thousands of dollars to further their education, and enhance their career opportunities.

Sure, every college kid will attend a party here and there, but it can be serious when students begin to use their parents' money for a free ride through the party life. Best case scenario is they are enrolled in school and their grades are suffering, in the worst case scenarios, we have had clients whose children have dropped out of their classes completely, and make up stories on the phone about their daily schedule, upcoming tests and papers. Linked Investigations surveillance services can find out exactly what's going on.

Use surveillance services to verify your college student's whereabouts

Here's how surveillance services can help. First, we can discuss the schedule your child talks about on the phone. This involves both class and work schedules, as well as lab hours or library study time. Once we have a clear picture of their schedule, we can discuss the hours where our surveillance services will be the most effective. We won't have to trail them for days on end. Rather, we use the most likely windows of opportunity to track their movements and ensure they are where they say they are.

We will take photo and video footage if they are not attending school and/or work like they say they are, which will allow you to figure out how you would like to proceed. A couple of photos are all you should need to get them back on track, or to reinvest their college fund elsewhere so you can see a better return on your investment.

Hire a California Private Investigator to check on your college investment

Mike Garroutte, owner of Linked Investigations, is a licensed California private investigator. Throughout the past three decades, he has helped dozens of clients to determine whether or not their students are using their college funds wisely. If you are interested in professional surveillance services to ensure your college investment is paying off, contact us. We are happy to provide a free consultation to determine whether or not we can be of service.

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August 1, 2013
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