Interview witnesses before someone else does.

Whenever there's potential for liability in a civil action or a criminal matter you must have an attorney or a licensed private investigator locate and talk with the witnesses as soon as it is practical.

Do not put off contacting potential witnesses to learn the important information you need to proceed in the best manner for you or your clients.

The same logic applies when you don't necessarily have civil or criminal liability but need to find out the truth to support your claims as a plaintiff, or a victim.

Hopefully you will realize the value of this and contact the right professionals before others on the other side of the case find the witnesses and potentially set the stage for their case.

Most cases hinge on the quality and credibility of witnesses. A person's freshest recollection of an incident, whether an ongoing situation or a one-time occurrence, is very important. The way a person's interpretation of something that has happened can often change. Not only can their perception change due to faded memories, it can change as a result of others opinions, pressure, or newly formed opinions based on personal experiences.

If someone locates any witness and talks with them, the potential to discuss and even alter the witnesses' memory or understanding of the subject being discussed is great. Do not let this happen to you.

You need to know the truth straight from the witness' mouth, before others have the opportunity to obtain a statement that can hurt you or your client.

Avoid being blind-sided or caught off guard by shocking witness testimony.

Too many cases were twisted in the wrong direction because the people involved wasted time and spoke to a witness after someone else got to them and took a statement to support their case. It is not unusual for people handling cases to drop the ball and put off locating witnesses or following up on witness statements for weeks, months and years.

Witnesses are not likely to change their story or their perception of events after they have already signed a statement of facts. This is regardless of their having a better recollection after having time to process something.

If a witness says something happened a certain way, they will most likely stay with their original stated version of events. If a witness changes their story after he or she has signed a statement, their credibility as a witness can be lost. This can work both ways for either side in any case.

You must contact witnesses and have them interviewed to determine your position. Not doing so is unwise. This can and often does change the outcome of a case, against the slower moving party.

Experienced litigators can take a good deposition. Private investigators and the best private detectives can take a good statement or declaration and change the outcome of their cases to help their clients win.

To learn more, contact us and discuss your concern in private and at no charge. Your consultation is free and confidential.

Often times surveillance can make or break a case. Monitoring the behavior of people involved in potential or existing cases can provide fantastic intelligence and help to cause a quick conclusion to a case.

In many court cases and personal matters you can greatly benefit from having a complete background check or criminal background check done on people involved, including witnesses. Exposing previously unknown facts can greatly influence the outcome of a negotiation or a trial.

Linked Investigations is a California licensed Private Investigations company owned by Mike Garroutte. Our California state license number is PI 15568. We encourage anyone considering hiring a private investigation company to visit the State of California's Department of Consumer Affairs' Bureau of Security and Investigative Services to check on the private investigator.

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July 1, 2012
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